Your Skin Type

What Is Your Skin Type? Tips And Advice

Do you have a problem choosing the right products and don’t know what your skin type is? Not a problem. Makeup experts will advise you.

When taking care of your skin , it is very important to know what type of skin you have . Is it dry, oily, combination or normal? I will advise you how to find out.

Dry skin

It can trouble us all our lives and some only during sub-zero temperatures. Wondering how to tell if this skin type is yours? Simply. The skin is dry not only to look at, but also to touch . Peeling of the skin may occur in places. You should definitely not underestimate adequate hydration, either by applying a moisturizing cream or following a drinking regime.

Oily skin

It is the opposite of dry skin, but even in this case, hydration should not be underestimated. Acne develops faster on oily skin , which complicates the removal of sebum. Here, too, the saying applies: “Slowly you will move on.” Everything requires a certain amount of patience and the selection of suitable products, thanks to which acne or oiliness will disappear. Pay attention to what you eat and drink, because it all reflects on your skin.

Mixed skin

It can be recognized by the letter T. The forehead, nose and chin are the fattest ones . On the other hand, the cheeks are drier, which is why this skin type can seem more complicated than dry or oily skin. The important thing is that you find a balance. Using two skin products will also help. One for the oilier parts of the face and the other for the drier part.

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