Tired Legs This Summer

Treatments For Tired Legs This Summer

With the sun, heat and summer, many people suffer from the feeling of tired legs. A problem that affects women to a greater extent is hormonal disorders caused by menstruation, menopause or pregnancy. Moments in which there is an increase in fluid retention, one of the main causes of heavy legs.

What symptoms do I have if I suffer from tired legs? The signs are heaviness, cramps, tiredness, tingling, a sensation of heat, itching and even inflammation. Varicose veins and spider veins can also appear. In more advanced cases, ulcers may develop.

Tips To Avoid Feeling Tired Legs

  • In order not to suffer from the feeling of tired legs, the experts advise putting your legs up whenever possible and at bedtime, doing it with your legs slightly elevated.
  • Avoid exposing yourself to the sun for many hours, as this will have a vasodilating effect on the capillaries.
  • Drink lots of water, and hydration is essential for the body.
  • And speaking of water, take the opportunity to finish your shower with cold water on your legs. In this way, you will activate circulation and combat fluid retention.
  • Do not wear very tight clothes. They will compress your legs and do not facilitate circulation.
  • Reduce your salt intake and bet on a good diet.
  • Bet on regular physical exercise: swimming, cycling, or walking about thirty minutes a day is a good option.
  • Don’t wear high-heeled shoes.
  • You do not sit cross-legged. This prevents blood from circulating efficiently throughout the body.
  • Is your job sitting down? Make stops and walk for a few minutes. In this way, you will activate the circulation. Being in the same position for hours favours the appearance of tired legs.
  • In some cases, the use of compression stockings is recommended.

All these tips must be complemented with using a specific product to combat the feeling of tired legs. A good example of a product is the Ice Gel Cream, incredibly effective in softening the discomfort caused by heat, long periods of standing, stress. It is refreshing, exhausting, promotes venous circulation, and reduces preventive action on fatty nodules. It is also anti-cellulite and firming. Its effect is almost immediate. Perform a light upward circular massage from the ankles to the hips, and you will notice the results.

Treatments To Relieve The Feeling Of Tired Legs

Now, professional treatments are highly recommended for those who suffer from tired legs, including pressotherapy, lymphatic drainage, or cryotherapy. Treatments that, if you combine with the tips above, will produce great relief.

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