Measure Blood Pressure Correctly

Measure Blood Pressure Correctly

Stress at work or at home? That makes the blood pressure climb up quickly. If this happens over a longer period of time, organs can be damaged. But not only stress can be the trigger, but numerous physical causes are also possible. Often we notice the increased pressure much too late; it does not show itself through pain or discomfort.

Therefore we should keep an eye on our own blood pressure. How it is measured correctly at home, which devices are recommended, and when a doctor should be consulted, explains Experts

We Have Also Summarized The Most Important Steps For Download.

Instructions – Measure blood pressure correctly

Step :1

Take a five-minute break before measuring your blood pressure. Find a quiet place. Exercise, smoking, alcohol, and coffee  or black tea should be avoided before the measurement.


Measure the blood pressure on both arms at the beginning and later on the arm with the higher values.

Step :3

Always take the measurement at the same time and before taking anti hypertensive medication.


Make sure the arm is exposed and relaxed. The measuring point should be at heart level.


Stay calm during the measurement, place your legs loosely next to each other.


Write down your values.


Don’t panic if the meter reads a high value. Instead, measure your blood pressure regularly.


Present your values ​​to your doctor the next time you visit. Also, ask whether the cuff width of the device you use at home is suitable for your arm.

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