Chanderi Sarees This Wedding Season

Say Yes To Comfort With Chanderi Sarees This Wedding Season

A unique style of handloom woven in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Chanderi saree is known for its distinct bright red and purple hues. The embroidery work is mostly done with needle and thread, while the colorful clothing and accessories are created with machine stitches. The stylization of motifs is a hallmark of the Art of Chanderi.

Chanderi silk sarees are traditional and distinct with its intricate stitching, rich colours and weaving styles. Chanderi sarees are made locally handspun, while the gold motifs which were first invented by the royal family of Scindia was introduced way back in 1910. It was during this time that the dobby and jacquard pattern came into existence and fortunes began to rise for the local textile industry.

Today Chanderi saree has been in existence for more than one hundred years. It has always been a leader in the hand-loom industry and still is. The weavers were once known for handspun yarns, but today most of them are producing yarns by machine knitting.

Features of the Fabric

Chanderi cotton sarees are woven from pure cotton yarn, which makes it lightweight and soft to the touch. The chanderi fabric is known for its glossy sheen, and patterns that include flowers, peacocks and lotus. Pure cotton yarns are used to weave the chanderi fabric. Therefore, most of the time chanderi sarees do not undergo any process called degumming.

The Chanderi silk sarees are woven using high-quality yarns. They are light and soft on skin, with a glossy finish. The vivid color combinations make each piece stand out in the wardrobe.

The Chanderi fabric is specific to Indian folk art and is predominantly used as a floor cover. It usually has beautiful motifs drawn in gold, copper and silver kundan thread. As of today there are many designers who take inspiration from this age old culture to design beautifully woven ethnic rugs. It can be relied on to add charm to your home décor which adds a sense of freshness and liveliness to the outfit while at the same time adding color to your attire.

With its diverse range of fascinating motifs, Chanderi is a popular textile for many. One thing that adds to its popularity is the fact that this fabric can be dyed any hue of your choice and it doesn’t fade away as it has proven itself to be everlasting.

The Chanderi Fascination

We speak about sarees when we talk about the ethereal charm of Indian attire. Chanderi saree is hands down the bespoke garment. Be it for weddings or as heirloom legacies, chanderi silk sarees have retained their heritage value intact.

Far from being just a simple piece of cloth, Chanderi sarees are an embodiment of grace and sophistication. Woven with exquisite skill, Chanderi saree or charjaris are famed for their fine fabrics and enchanting designs. A classic among Classic, Chanderi sarees hold the position of Queen for many women. The sarees are renowned for their subtle yet elegant appeal and classic elegance that never fails to grab attention.

Cynosure of Heritage

As one of the oldest handloom weaving traditions, Chanderi fabric has long been revered. This cultural tradition is passed down from generation to generation, imparting a unique cultural touch to the process of weaving and crafting motifs. To help preserve this rich heritage, India petitioned the World Trade Organization for recognition of Chanderi as a GI product at the international level.

Every bead, every garland and every detail of the Chanderi saree is designed with richness and care. The weave, construction and workmanship are unmatched. Today one can easily get a huge collection of chanderi sarees online from saree stores and websites like Taneira that will not only compliment the style but also give the feeling of true royalty.

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