Why Back Pain Hurts

Why Back Pain Hurts The Back And How To Handle Pain

Back Pain Hurts, Is it morning yet? Do you wake up again feeling like you haven’t slept at all? At night you were bothered by pain for which you could not find the right position to sleep, and nothing and nothing took …

The expectant mother’s body is waiting for many changes. Hormones have started to work and affect the psyche and physiology of the body. They make changes in the body to prepare the future mother for childbirth. You will really feel all the changes on your own skin and one of them is the effect of the hormone Relaxin. The production of this hormone causes the softening of the articular structure of the pelvis and the lower back. The consequences of these changes will not be long in coming, they will manifest themselves in pain shooting into the hip joint.

In addition to walking, these back pains hurts also manifest during sleep. For a pregnant mother, therefore, the position on the left side is ideal, while it is necessary to get the head level with the spine, and it is best to support the legs and abdomen. The Motherhood maternity pillow was designed for this purpose. The maternity pillow is a completely ergonomically adapted device for the future mother.

The shape of the Motherhood pillow resembles the letter “C”, which allows you to comfortably place your head on one side and support your spine. At the same time the lower part of the subsoil belly. It is advisable to place the pillow between the legs and bend it comfortably at the knees. By using a pregnancy pillow, you can relieve back pain hurts and relax comfortably.

The maternity pillow must be made of quality materials. The Motherhood maternity pillow is filled with hollow fiber, which retains its structure, so the pillow is also used in healthcare for people with spinal problems, after injuries and for long-term bedridden.

You can use the pregnancy pillow even after the baby is born. Not only does it relieve you of possible postpartum pain, you can also use it as a breastfeeding pillow in both positions. In a bed for easier breastfeeding after a cesarean section, in a sitting position as a back support and a pad for a baby.

It is possible that you can keep it to relax on TV after a busy day. Motherhood is based on the practical use of its products and also on the original design. Maternity pillows are therefore designed for women in the designs of classic pillows. You can also combine it as a room accessory.

Maternity pillows Motherhood were designed by a pregnant mother who needed pain relief during complications during pregnancy, when she had to spend whole days, weeks, months in bed on rest.

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