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7 Key Tips For Starting An Eyelash Extension Business

Around 80% of those in the eyelash extension industry say they are satisfied with their careers, which shows it’s a fantastic path to go down.
Starting your own eyelash extension company gives you flexibility, job security and lets you help clients thrive and achieve their beauty goals.

Perhaps you’ve been toying with the idea, but you’re unsure how to start your own business.

Sound like you? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven tips to help you.

1. Research The Market

Before opening your eyelash extension business, it’s crucial to know the market.

Decide who your ideal customer persona is, whether you’re offering a luxury service or catering to a younger crowd. This is because once you know your target audience, it’s easier to advertise and build your branding.
You should also research your competitors. Check out their menu for prices and consider the type of experience they offer.

If you have the time, pose as a client and book an appointment so you can ask which treatment is the most popular and learn their marketing strategy. Note, many states require a cosmetology or esthetician license so you can offer eyelash extension services.

To double-check, visit the state’s licensing board so you don’t get penalized later on.

2. Get Up-To-Date Training

Having in-depth knowledge is the key to any successful business, so make sure you get relevant training. You can either train with a brand or an independent trainer, depending on your preference.

The beauty about working with a company is you can use their high-quality products and receive ongoing support.

Further, the brand may feature your portfolio and help you with marketing efforts so you can land clients from the get-go. In contrast, trainers have the same experience but if their schedule is booked, then you’re on your own.
But, if this is the route you’re interested in, find a trainer whose style you admire so that they can teach you the latest techniques.

Like with any field, there’s plenty of opportunities to grow whether it’s attending courses or watching tutorials online. And don’t forget to recruit your loved ones so you can practice your skills!

3. Design And Register Your Brand

Those eager to break into the beauty industry should have a solid brand. Find a name that reflects your ethos and ideal customer persona.
During the brainstorming process, write the goals of the brand and why you’re better than your competitors. Once you’re happy, register your brand so you can legally operate in your state.

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4. Find a Venue For Your Business

Where you operate your beauty business depends on your budget. Consider running your business from your home or convert a van so you have a mobile business.

Another popular option is renting a chair in an existing salon so you get a taste of what it’s like. But regardless of where you’re operating, make sure you offer a comfortable chair for clients and ensure the area is pristine.
You should also create a relaxing ambiance by dotting scented candles around the room and playing calming music.

5. Source Quality Products

You’re ready to open, so now it’s time to source high-quality Lash Supplies.
You may receive a starter kit from your trainer which is a great way to understand how to use the products and learn about aftercare. But eventually, once you’re familiar with an array of brands, choose premium products so clients receive the best service.

Note, most companies offer sample packs so practice with each one until you’re happy with the results.

6. Create a Website

Around 28% of small businesses have no website which means they’re missing out on leads.

Your website is the storefront for your eyelash extension business so make sure it’s clean, easy-to-navigate, and displays your contact details.

You should also include a “Services and Pricing” page, “Gallery”, and “Booking Page” so clients can secure an appointment with your business.

And to legally protect you, post your terms and conditions so you’re transparent with your customer base.

Further, create a blog and post informative posts. Not only will it boost your SEO ranking but it will prove you’re credible so customers book an appointment with you.

7. Market Your Business

Alongside your website, harness the power of social media marketing so you can post pictures of your work and further your reach. Note, before and after photos work great for this, just make sure you have the client’s consent.
You can also host a contest to boost your following. For instance, ask your audience to tag five friends in the comments and pick a random winner so they get a free or discounted session. Also, at the end of every session, ask the client if they want to reschedule right then.

Further, embrace word-of-mouth marketing to receive more appointments. You should also create a referral program so your customers raise awareness of your business.

And although it sounds old school, design, and print business cards. Give them to your current clients and if you attend any courses and conventions, then hand them out.

Help Others Achieve Their Beauty Goals Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll work in the eyelash extension industry so your clients can reach their beauty goals.

Start by researching the market, knowing your customer persona, and directing your services towards them. You should also find a venue for your business and create a strong marketing strategy to connect with repeat customers and prospects. Good luck!

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