Invite Your Guests To Marathi Virtual Wedding

How To Invite Your Guests To Marathi Virtual Wedding?

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many couples worldwide have been waiting to get married in person for the last two years. As a last ray of hope, people have adapted to digital means, including the innovative idea of having virtual weddings. Even though every bride’s dream is to marry her soulmate in a perfect destination wedding, with the current situation, that may not be an option.

But instead of waiting for the larger population to get vaccinated before the couple can invite their friends and family, weddings taking place virtually have saved the day. Are you looking for the right partner with whom you can share your life? Create your profile on any Marathi Matrimony website today so that you can find your match.

Many marriages in India are turning to the digital space to connect to their loved ones. They include them in wedding preparations and ceremonies while getting married amongst a small gathering of close family members. Today’s innovative technologies, along with high-speed internet, have been helpful mediums to reignite the spirit of happy-ever-afters. It allows for the relations, friends, and family members who can’t be there physically to be part of the couple’s big day and add more fun to their wedding celebrations as creatively as possible.

Thinking about your wedding ceremony in the future? Let us help you find the perfect match. Download any Marathi Matrimony app today and discover your future life partner. If you are looking to have a virtual wedding of your own, then here’s how you can invite your guests to your Marathi wedding:

Step 1: Send Out a Digital Invitation

The first step is the digital invitation. You can personalize your wedding invitations by hiring a professional designer. You can choose a design which delivers a similar experience as opening a traditional invitation in person. The invite should include the Zoom meeting link for the wedding ceremony, Facebook/Whatsapp groups, or hashtags that the couple has dedicated to their wedding. The invite should also include a separate set of rules and guidelines for the ceremony. For instance, guests and family members should be aware of muting themselves during the pheras, when the pandit chants the mantras. Along with this, the dress code should be mentioned beforehand so that guests are aware that it’s an official event. Also, who doesn’t need an excuse to make an effort after wearing pajamas for so long?

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Step 2: Choose The Right Platform

If you plan to go forward with video-conferencing, then there won’t be a better option than keeping the event on a Zoom meeting. You may even choose to buy a premium option to allow more family members, artists, or musicians to participate in the wedding ceremony. Having the wedding on Zoom will also enable the couple to engage in more ways with their family members. Although, please bear in mind that whichever platform you choose, the most important thing you’ll require is a manager to manage the tech-related issues. You may even need them to connect with other guests/members and solve any problems related while connecting during the wedding ceremony.

Step 3: Do Invest In Some Good Technology

The show must run smoothly. For this, many things need to be taken care of – such as the lighting, stable internet connectivity, sound, etc., to prevent unnecessary disruptions. Make sure to checklist these requirements while doing the wedding preparations. Any equipment required to better the internet bandwidth, such as a good router or adding more hotspots in case of emergencies, should be noted beforehand. Having issues with wifi may spoil the virtual wedding from being a success so go to all lengths to get solid and stable wifi.

You need to invest in a set of additional speakers and a bigger screen to capture most of the mandap with the rest of the setting. Ask your guest to connect their laptops to a monitor/projector, allowing more members to view the ceremonies comfortably. You can trust professionals to help you place the cameras and lights in the right spots for good lighting, so make sure you take all the help you can get.

Step 4: Home-Deliver Sweets, Meals, And Cocktails

To give your family members and friends a more personalized experience, take all the necessary precautions and get a package delivered to their homes beforehand. It can include a few selections of modak (Indian sweet), some preparations from Maharashtrian cuisine, and a bottle of champagne if you like. These small gestures will assure your guests that their presence is special to you at the wedding. They can all experience joy and love together by sharing the meal during virtual viewing.

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