Care For Your Lips

How To Care For Your Lips

Discover the best tips and care to keep lips healthy and beautiful and how to act against dry lips.

The external mucous membranes of the body, such as those of the external genitalia, and those of the mouth and lips, are a special type of skin in which the epidermis has been reduced to a minimum, and that is why they are red since they show, uncovered, the dermis with its important blood content. The lips are somewhat rosier since they have a slightly thicker epidermis than the mucosa that lines the inside of the mouth. Next, we will discover what are the best cares to keep them healthy and beautiful.

As They Are

This lack of horny layer, and as a consequence, the absence of protective sebum, makes the lips have a great tendency to become dehydrated and sensitized by elements such as cold, wind, pollution, heating, and even some foods like pineapples or oranges, which contain acids that irritate them. The same water also dehydrates them, although it seems a contradiction.

When we notice dryness in a tight way, instinct leads us to moisten them with saliva, which provides immediate and counterproductive relief, especially in winter, since water, when cold, erodes the surface of the lips, and the surroundings, leaving them more vulnerable and parched. In some children, the devastating effects of licking the lips, give rise to very irritated and red peri-oral areas, which if left untreated can become infected with fungi and last every cold month.

Another important lack of lip mucosa is that of melanin pigment, which is the natural protection of the skin that is activated by solar radiation. The lips never tan and without protective pigment, they are very vulnerable to the sun, so it will be essential to choose products that include a photo-protector. Depending on the degree of dryness of the lips, “the lips peel” and appear from small to large, fine, skin-mucosa scales, to fissures and cuts that can reach the corners.

How To Deal With Dry Lips

As we all know, there is no harm that does not come, and the extreme thinness of the lip epidermis makes it absorb very well the moisturizing and nourishing substances that are applied to it, regenerating itself very quickly. To care for your lips, it is highly advisable to use lip balms or lipsticks with naturally derived greasy ingredients, such as cocoa and shea butter, beeswax, and coconut oil.

Fatty substances on the one hand nourish and on the other create a protective insulating layer that hydrates by preventing the mucosa from dehydrating. That is why Vaseline (non-absorbable mineral fat) is an excellent moisturizer as well as very cheap. If applied to the lips morning and night they tend to improve. Vaseline is the predominant ingredient in salves “low cost” with colors and scents more or less tropical (pineapple, watermelon, vanilla.etc.)

The balm or lipstick will be applied several times a day, also, at night, after brushing the teeth. Fortunately, lip dehydration causes discomfort, which warns us of the need for a new application. Controversy exists as to whether or not to exfoliate the lips. It does not seem very adequate since we have said that there is a little horny layer to exfoliate. It would only seem indicated, if the lips are very skinned, to remove the skins. Of course, abrasive vegetable products, such as poppy seeds, will always be used on a natural fat such as those mentioned above, applying the whole with a very gentle massage.

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How The Lipstick Should Be

Color pencils or lipsticks are the “icing” to “finish” makeup. They have to be creamy in their application while remaining certain hours without altering. In general, the creamier, the less they set since they are more absorbed. Lipsticks with more hold, and glosses, sometimes include resins and other substances that can leave a residue that looks like skin flakes.

As in our entire body, lips are no exception, first, you have to take care of them and regenerate them to move on to makeup. You cannot paint cracked or peeling lips, the result is pathetic, because it highlights the flaws instead of camouflaging them.

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