7 Types Of Beard That Are Trending In 2021

7 Types Of Beards That Are Trending In 2021

What types of beards are 7 Types Of Beard That Are Trending In 2021trending in 2021? What are the most popular beard styles this year? If you like beards and want to change your look, pay close attention to this article on our blog, we reveal the seven types of fashionable beards for 2021. In addition, we give you a series of tips to achieve your most appropriate look.

7 Beard Styles For 2021

The beard is in fashion. It came a few years ago to stay, and more and more men are wearing it. Currently, there are many types of beards: short, long, with a mustache, without a mustache, with braids, well-groomed, neglected, informal, with sideburns, with ornaments, tinted, natural … But of all of them, only seven styles of beard deserve to be entered. the list of the top beards of 2021. We review them all below:

Chevron Beard

The Chevron-style beard has only been in fashion for a short time, but it promises to stick around for a long time. It is a type of beard in which the density of the mustache is accentuated, achieving a contrast effect. The mustache as the protagonist, accompanied by a short or “three-day” beard, gained a presence in 2020, and it is now in 2021 when it is imposing itself. To achieve a look of this type, you must use specific products for the beard and mustache. The Chevron style can be seen today in actors, musicians, and different influencers.

Three-Day Beard

The 3-day beard is undoubtedly one of the types of beard most used by young people. It consists of wearing a short, perfectly cared for, outlined beard that simulates having only a few days of life. This style of beard is very versatile and easy to achieve. You have to use a razor at 0 or 1 and a precision shaving gel. 

Tip: if you choose this beard style, you must be willing to take good care of it. The 3-day beard looks easy to wear but requires touch-ups a few times a week to prevent it from losing its shape. The good news is that it tends to favor the vast majority of men, and it is also quite easy to get.

Full Bear or Bear’s Beard

The bear beard is radically opposite to the 3-day beard we just saw. The Full Beard style is being worn more and more, but only a few brave dare this look or can afford it. It consists of growing the beard until it acquires a considerable length and leafiness. At the same time, it is combined with a bushy hairstyle, long hair, or hairpieces. With this type of beard, you get a “hipster” or “Viking” look. Do you dare to wear such a prominent beard?

Tip: if you dare to wear the Full Bear look, you will have patience and good beard products. We advise you to care for, hydrate, and protect your beard from the consequences of the Advanced Barber line.

Padlock Beard

The padlocked beard is not new, and it is a very used type of look that never goes out of style. We refer to a kind of beard in which the hair is allowed to grow around the mouth, making the mustache join the goatee. The rest of the face can be completely shaved with a razor or left-shaded. It is advisable to use a precision gel and an aftershave balm to get a padlocked beard since the beard’s shape is very important.

Tip: the padlocked beard can be hard to come by at first. Use a precision gel and practice.

Bicolor Beard

The bicolor beard is one of the great protagonists of 2021. It is about proudly showing gray hair and accepting that the years pass through our lives. The two-tone look shows that we have gained experience, confidence and can be attractive at any age. The only requirement to wear this style of beard is gray hair or bleaching of the beard.

Van Dyke Style

They say that the Van Dyke style was born in the seventeenth century by Anthony Van Dyke. To achieve this elegant look, you have to combine the mustache with the goatee and remove the hair from the cheeks. Celebrities like Johnny Depp or David Beckam are two fans of this type of beard. If you also like the Van Dyke style, you have to leave a full one-month beard and then touch it up until you get the desired effect. In the image of Beckam, you can see how good this style suits him.

Tip: Try to adapt the Van Dyke style to your beard type. Before shaving close to the cheeks area, first, try to leave them shaded as Beckam does in the image. You may like the result more. To get a precise shape, use Advanced Barber products.

Mustache Fashion

Not everyone would like to wear a mustache. That is true as a temple. Despite this, the mustache fashion adds more and more followers every day. There are many types of mustaches, the Walrus style, the English, the Horseshoe type, the French, the Imperial … But the most successful mustache this 2020 is the thin or pencil mustache. Shaving your face and growing a mustache can be very risky since it does not have to favor or be consistent with the features of your face. In the image below, we leave a picture of an unflattering mustache … do you like the way Justin Bieber’s mustache looks?


As you have seen, a few years ago, the trend for large hipster beards prevailed. Little by little, the XL beard types have given way to smaller and more defined beards and different styles that are gaining strength, such as the Van Dyke or the padlock beard. Below we summarize the keys to understanding how the world of beards will evolve:

  • Length. The trend is to move from claiming large beards to experimenting with different styles. Size doesn’t matter anymore.
  • Color. More and more influencers are taking risks with color. We are not ready yet, but we will see dyed beards shortly.
  • Profiling. The form takes on importance. Gradients, beard retouching, and flourishes are imposed.

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