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The Best Cuts And Hairstyles For Round Face 2021

I give you these cuts and hairstyles for round face that will surely help you to look slimmer. Are you a little overweight? or by genetics you already have a face in the shape of a circle as it happens to me?

Do not worry because I have the list with the best hairstyles for women who have a circular face and are not elongated as happens to many girls.

In my case, when I have a few extra kilos, my shape is more cachetona and the hairstyle that I use many times stops being consistent with my face, so I have to think about changing my look.

The same thing happened to me when I cut my hair short and it fit me very well, but at that moment I got pregnant and I began to gain weight over the months and my hair no longer accompanied my face.

That is why researching, asking friend hairdressers and learning what are the best trendy haircuts or the way a woman can comb her hair for that moment in life, I am going to share these different hairstyles step by step for when you have your head with that shape. .

Nor is it a fatal thing to have a round physiognomy, there are many famous women who have this type of shape on their face, such as famous and very beautiful with round faces, I can name you Emma Stone , Mila Kunis , Kirsten Dunst , Cameron Diaz , Olivia Munn , Adele among many others.

Of course, what most of them do is look for hairstyles to stylize the face and these tricks can help you look as beautiful and elegant as possible. You may also be interested in these easy and simple hairstyles if you have little time that are the most consulted by women in the community.

What Is A Round Face?

First I’m going to define when a face is considered round.Round faces are broad faces without angles where the vertical and horizontal axis are very similar, they have a small forehead and jaw, and also well marked cheekbones.

How To Make Hairstyles For Round Faces? Tips:

You should know first of all some beauty tricks to look prettier and avoid some mistakes that I made myself but that I was correcting over the years since many times we do not know what type of hairstyles for a round face are the ones that can benefit you .


Never put your hair behind your ears because your face will be visually broader and it is something you surely want to avoid.

If you want your face to look slimmer, it is convenient to cover the sides in the way you have.

The hairstyles for women that favor those with round faces are the hairstyles with the side parting and the fringed fringes.

You should avoid bangs that are straight since otherwise what you are going to cause is to frame the face a lot which will visually damage your look.

You should be encouraged to use the hair to a long hairstyles are the bob hairstyles that is a short hair with some longer front strands.

If you want to see ideas of short haircuts, I recommend you see this article that can surely be of great help for your round face.

But many times it can happen to you that you do not want to lose your hair and this type of hairstyle will also look great where you leave your hair very straight up to the chest that you can iron with a hair straightener.

The important thing you have to pay attention to is that your hair does not acquire volume because that is what will look bad.

If you like your hair to wear it in waves, what you can do is from the cheeks downwards with soft waves with the hair straightener to give it a little movement.

If you have curlier hair you should leave it longer to soften the curls and not excessively mark your face .

Hairstyles collected or semi collected with a little volume at the crown are hairstyles that will flatter your look without having to use hairdressing products or colors that you do not want to use.

Avoid ponytails or ponytails that are too tight and strappy in your hairstyle, as well as bows.

Whenever you want to make a bun, a low ponytail or an updo you should leave loose strands in the front, cover the ears and leave it a little loose in this way your different hairstyles so that it does not look round and you will look much better.

This type of face where women have a wide or round face, the flattering hairstyles are the side hairstyles, whether they are braids or collected.

Makeup should also accompany you if you are very cachetona, that is why it is a detail that you should not neglect if you have haircuts for a round and fat face.

What Haircuts Favor A Round Face? Top 5

There are numerous haircuts that work incredibly well on round faces. In addition to the facial shape, of course, there are more factors that go into choosing one cut or another: desired length, style, hair type, etc. Read on to see what we consider to be some of the best cuts for round faces, for both long hair and short hair.

The long, Smooth And Straight Or Slightly Paraded Hair

Compared to the rounded character of the face, hair with these characteristics favors the vertical effect. When styling a long haircut for round faces, go for the side parting: it will further enhance the elongated effect of the face.

The Long Layered Cut

The Long Layered Cut

A layered haircut  adds structure, giving hair movement and favoring round face shapes. Of course, very short layers should be avoided, as this cut only manages to soften the contours when the layers start, at least, at the height of the cheekbones.

The Bob Cut

The Bob Cut

The shoulder-length bob,  framing the face, is one of the most flattering round haircuts. With this cut you can visually lengthen the shape of the face without losing the modern look . In addition, it is perfect for any type of hair: curly, straight or wavy, you can play with the shapes and also accompany it with a side fringe.

Side Bangs

Jennifer Aniston

The cut with bangs for round faces is, as a rule, not a particularly flattering element for this type of face. Most of them shorten the face and can create the effect of widening the face, which on round faces can create some disproportion. Long side bangs, however, are an exception to the rule .

Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut

Although at first the pixie may seem like a short haircut for round faces not suitable, with it surprising results are achieved. Short hair helps to emphasize the fresh and youthful look of round faces, as well as being very versatile. For example, the asymmetrical pixie can help make larger areas of the face more 

Inconspicuous And Focus Attention On The Eyes. 

Another flattering possibility of a pixie haircut for a round face is to accompany it with a toupee: comb it up, give volume to the upper part of the hair and you will enhance the effect of an elongated face.

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