Five Steps (That Work) To Curb Fall Hair Loss

Five Steps (That Work) To Curb Fall Hair Loss

Is your hair loss or hair falling out more than ever with the arrival of the new season? Please take note of these expert tips to help you slow down her fall.

With the arrival of autumn, a large part of the population experiences a more pronounced hair loss. If you want your hair to prevent falling out… take note! Does it happen to you too? 

Massage The Scalp With Each Wash

When showering, you have to take into account a series of tips. Daily massage on the scalp is essential to promote blood circulation and activate the function of the hair follicle. If you choose to massage the scalp with shampoo, it should be noted that it is also a very relaxing technique.

Onion Or Aloe Vera, The Best Allies

Onion is a must for anyone looking to prevent or avoid hair loss. Its use is indicated to guarantee blood circulation. This is because it contains quercetin, a flavonoid essential for hair follicles to support hair growth. Aloe vera is another must, thanks to its properties that help hydrate, strengthen and promote hair growth. Therefore, using shampoos with aloe vera or onion extract is recommended to stimulate and fortify the hair root. Its antioxidant action prevents hair aging and protects hair color against solar radiation.

Proteins, A Must In Your Diet

If you have recently detected excessive hair loss, including protein-rich foods in your daily diet will be advisable. “Foods rich in protein contain vitamin B12, which helps the hair follicles receive the necessary nutrients,” adds Reme Navarro, pharmacist, and director of Business Strategy for Atida in southern Europe. In this way, hair loss is prevented, and it will provide silkiness.

Opt For Tea Tree Oil, The Must-Have For Celebrities

Among the other tips to keep in mind, it will be essential to use tea tree oil. It is a great ally for hair care. Its popularity is because it is inexpensive, very effective, and multipurpose (prevents hair loss, controls excess oil, acts as a moisturizer …). It should be remembered that its use is not direct, but that one to three drops should be applied together with our usual shampoo.

Eat A Healthy, Stress-Free Diet.

People looking to stop hair loss should pay special attention to maintaining a healthy diet. “Hair needs nutrients to generate keratin or collagen . Stress or poor diet can be some of the reasons for hair loss. That is why it is so important to eat a variety of foods and maintain a balanced diet”, points out the pharmacist.

“With the arrival of autumn, the hair becomes weaker and has a tendency to fall out or break,” say experts. Today there is a wide variety of formats to which we can resort if we have this problem: tablets or capsules, shampoos, and even lotions to adapt as much as possible to the consumer’s needs. “For this reason, anti-hair loss treatments are one of the platform’s star products (although this year the sales of these types of products have advanced about a month).”

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