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Do You know How To Take Care Of Your Hair? 10 Keys From An Expert

Expert says – Women, men, young people, old people … The profile of the people who come to your consultation is very diverse. “I have the case of my granddaughter very close, she is 14 years old and she mistreats her hair a lot, in the end, it is she herself who is causing her fall, but when you are a teenager it is difficult to make her see it.” Because, according to Sherlock, everyday acts are the ones that spoil hair the most. “When brushing we find a tangle and we keep pulling hard until it breaks, or we apply excessive heat when we use electronic devices. Most of the time it breaks because we are not treating it as we should. Just like we take care of our skin, we have to take care of your hair, “he recommends.

10 keys From An Expert

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? 

“The environment in a room where people smoke, pollution, dust in the street, hairspray, foam … All this adheres to the hair daily and is greater damage than the minerals that water contains. If you wash hands and teeth every day, why not hair? But the first soap you find is not worth it. The chosen treatment is also very important. I recommend keeping it clean and conditioned, it is the biggest health symptom of a mane “.

Is It True That Cutting Your Hair Frequently Helps It Grow Healthier And Stronger?

 “The idea is not to let more than six or eight weeks pass without putting the scissors. It is not that cutting it this often will grow stronger and healthier, but rather that you will prevent it from splitting. The hair is like a zipper, If the tips are split, this cracking rises, and, in the end, the fiber breaks. It is very important that a hairdresser does it because his cut is clean. When we do not use the right scissors at home, the cut also damages the tip and also causes you that it breaks by the way in which you cut it “.

Should The Mask Be Applied Only Once A Week? 

“For me, the conditioner is a yes or yes, I never wash my hair without conditioner. Its daily use is as important as a shampoo because it helps to hydrate the hair fiber. The mask, as it is more intensive, effectively, with once a week will be fine. “

Do We Underestimate The Problem Of Hair Loss? 

“Hair is a hallmark. We work closely with the medical profession, but it is true that sometimes it is the doctors themselves who take away the iron from the matter because they think it is only an aesthetic issue. At the Institute of Trichology, We have carried out a study that yields worrying data: 95% of women and more than 81% of men admit that the state of their hair influences their state of mind, being a determining factor when it comes to showing confidence and security in oneself. Hair is closely related to happiness. “

Does Stress Contribute To Hair Loss? How Can We Fight It?

 “It is a complicated answer. There are more and more women who come to my office for this matter. It is a cause-consequence because if you have less time, you take less care of your hair and in the end, it falls out more because it is more weakened by that lack of care. If you shower every day and apply the cream every day, why don’t you wash your hair every day? You have to treat it, always apply conditioner, and avoid the heat of tweezers and irons. I let it dry air. I insist the most important thing is to wash and condition every day. “

When Should We Start Worrying About Hair Loss?

 “The normal thing is to lose 100 hairs a day. If more is lost, it is when we should go to the dermatologist. And it is not necessary to count them, one knows more or less the amount of hair that you lose when you brush your hair or on the pillow.”

Irons, Tweezers, Dryers … Yes Or No?

“As long as it is not very hot, no problem. A good way to check is to put the iron on your skin. If it burns you and you can’t stand it, you are charging your hair. On the other hand, if the medium temperature is fine if you put it on your skin and it won’t burn you, the damage won’t be so serious. In another study we did recently, we found that many straighteners on the market allow up to 240 degrees, and that spoils your hair. It won’t straighten it anymore. Because it is hotter, it is a wrong idea that we have. You can put it at 180 degrees and run it more slowly, so it will smooth you better than putting it to burn. As long as it does not burn your skin, your hair can support it. lower temperature and longer. It’s not that you don’t have to use it, it’s that you have to do it correctly. “

Are Oral Hair Treatments Effective?

 “Not really. A different thing is to take vitamins, which are always fine as a supplement to hair care. But miracle pills do not exist. There are about 3,000 on the market and I can count on the fingers of one hand the ones that have a scientific basis and can be prescribed. “

What Factors Contribute To Hair Loss?

 “I have had many cases of negligence in hairdressing because they have done perms or straighteners that have destroyed the hair. There are other extreme cases, like a patient who went 12 months without washing her hair because she was a hippy and wore dreadlocks, it was incredible how she had the leather scalp, it was very damaged. Menopause also causes women to have great hair loss because a lot of iron is lost. And in men, alopecia is marked in part by male relatives on the mother’s side. In addition, there are diseases that do not they can be treated, although they are the least. And a diet that is not balanced also favors more hair loss. We have gathered more than 50 causes.

How Can We Hide Fine Hair?

 Is there a way to hairstyle it without damaging it to give it volume? “The problem is that when you have little hair it is more difficult to work it. Whatever you do is going to flatten it more. Fine hair is a problem for many people because it is weakened hair. I recommend Nioxin’s 3D Styling line, focused on strengthening the weakened hair of men and women because it makes it seem that, as a whole, you have more hair by thickening all the individual fibers, creating spaces that add volume “.

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