A Modern Man’s Guide to Dating Traditions

For men, modern dating still borrows heavily from traditional dating. If you want ladies to perceive you as a real gentleman, there are certain gentleman-like behaviors that you must exude. They are typically simple deeds that give you an extra edge with women. Whether you like it or not, good etiquette such as opening the door for a lady while on a date puts you in remarkably good standing. After all, you don’t want ladies to identify you as a douchebag. Though we are living in modern times, some dating traditions are tremendously relevant. In this guide, we’ll list a few of them for you.

Dating Decorum

Below are some good habits for dating that men should observe:

Offer to pay for the first date

One of the most notable gentlemanly dating traditions that are still invaluable is offering to pay for the first date. This is necessary and could score you a second date. We are by no means saying that you insist on paying regardless of what your romantic interest wants but just try it. And if she wants to split it 50-50, agree without any qualms.

Organize the first date

If you can’t get your mind off a particular lady and you’ve gone through the nerve-wracking process of asking her out on a date, then you should organize it. Asking her where she’d like to go isn’t a good idea. Take charge of the first date and surprise her. She’ll most likely love it.

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Listen keenly and pay attention

When you manage to score the first date, it doesn’t mean that you are off the hook. You still need to impress the lady. The one mistake that you don’t want to make is to talk too much, especially about yourself. Ladies like a man who can listen keenly and pay attention without interrupting. And in case a friend joins in the conversation, introduce her to them. This shows that you acknowledge and value her presence.

Refrain from talking about your ex-lover

Unless she specifically asks you something about your ex-lover, refrain from talking about them. It somewhat suggests that you are still not over her or you are still bitter about the past relationship. Moreover, saying terrible things about your previous lovers will look bad on you.

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Treat her with respect

Every lady wants to be treated with respect. This means that you shouldn’t be late for the date. Pull her chair out for her when she arrives. If you are picking her up from work or home, go around the car and open the door for her. It may seem like too much trouble, but in the long run, it will pay off incredibly.

Compliment her genuinely

Ladies put a lot of work into looking good for a date. If she looks stunning, don’t hesitate to say it. And if her hair looks great, let her know. After you are already an item, ensure that you do something special for her during your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or her birthday.

The modern man must maintain the dating standards that have always been there. Make the dating experience exciting and fun for the lady. Show that you respect and value her and compliment her regularly. If she is happy, then chances are that you’ll also be happy.

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