Hair To Avoid Dehydration

How To Take Care Of Your Hair To Avoid Dehydration

Having healthy hair has always been the standard of feminine beauty. The fashion of wearing long hair has forced us to take extreme care Dehydration of our hair; This added to the concern of spoiling it after subjecting it to bleaching or with some trends such as Californian highlights or balayage.

In order to prevent our hair from becoming dehydrated and to be able to show off a perfect mane.

” Dehydrated hair looks unhealthy and prone to breakage and can prevent you from maintaining an acceptable length; it also tends to become uneven and it is not easy to maintain the cut for a long time. In addition, when dyeing it will absorb more of the dye as it is more porous hair than usual; so in addition to damaging it, we will obtain a darker tone than we want, ” says experts

In addition, dehydrated hair can hide skin diseases such as dermatitis or psoriasis or be related to natural aging, stress, or hormonal changes. On the other hand, it can cause dandruff, uncomfortable flaking that sometimes becomes a reason for medical consultation due to the itching or feeling of tightness and/or redness that it produces.

1. Properly use cosmetics. A shampoo and mask should be used according to our hair type. “Advertising sometimes promises miraculous low-cost products that will probably only seal the hair fiber on the outside, giving a false sensation of hydration, but without treating the scalp from the inside,” explains Dr. Chacón. For this reason, it is recommended that we allow ourselves to be advised by an expert who chooses the product that best suits our scalp type at the time of treating it.

2. Have a correct routine. Avoid as much as possible exposure to heat, since the first symptoms of dehydrated or damaged hair can arrive if we have previously punished it after the summer with overexposure to the sun, seawater, or swimming pool. It is also damaged by frequent use of hair straighteners or dryers, as well as aggressive coloring treatments.

3. Cut your hair, especially if you have split or dry ends. With dehydrated hair, we will notice our weak hair, with split ends and difficult to comb, so by removing the most damaged part of your hair it will appear more luminous and hydrated.

4. Wash hair with warm water instead of hot. Lightening the hair with cold water helps to seal the hair fiber and give our hair a healthier appearance.

5. Frequently use a leave-in oil. “This should be done according to the demand of the day, in the same way, that we use our lipstick every time we notice dryness on the lips,”

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