This Summer, Take Care Of Your Hair With These Five Tips!

This Summer, Take Care Of Your Hair With These Five Tips!

hair in summer: Just as you protect your skin from the damage that the sun causes on it, you must also take care of your hair in summer, especially before, during and after a day at the beach. Protecting your hair from the damage of the sun and seawater is easier than it seems, and you have to follow these five tips to take care of your hair at the beach and show off a healthy and perfect mane all summer long.

How Can I Take Care Of My Hair At The Beach?

Summer is the time when our hair suffers the most because it is synonymous with many hours and days at the beach, the pool or in the sun. Along with sea salt or chlorine, the latter are some of the external agents that can cause our hair fibres to suffer and lose strength or shine. Knowing (and practising!) How to take care of your hair in summer is essential to act to prevent its harmful effects.

We tell you our five infallible tips to achieve it:

Sun Protection To Take Care Of Hair In Summer

In the same way that we protect our skin by applying sun protection daily, we must also pay special attention to hair during the summer. In addition to covering the head with a hat or cap, it is ideal for applying products with specific sun protection for the hair. Many are unaware of sunscreens for hair, but the reality is that there are different options that you can include in your hair care routine (and not just in summer!). But how does a hair sunscreen work? In addition to protecting from UVA rays, creating a film that envelops the hair, nourishes it, preventing it from drying out with heat, salt or chlorine.

You can apply it as many times as necessary, but we recommend that the first time you do it at least half an hour before leaving home and, above all, when leaving the sea or the pool. Remember to insist on mediums and ends, which is the most damaged and dry section of our hair.

How are you going to take care of your hair with sunscreen? The answer is simple: these types of products reduce the effect of salt on the hair, protect from UVA rays, provide softness, and even facilitate hair styling.

We give you one last tip: when you go to the beach or the pool, do not comb your hair with a parting since it is a sensitive part of the skin, and we must prevent this skin from burning. An alternative is to search the entire hair back, especially when it is wet.

Rinse Your Hair When Leaving The Sea Or The Pool

If you have left the sea or the pool and know that you will not bathe again, it is time to rinse your hair to remove salt or chlorine residues. Rinse hair with plenty of clean water. Here’s a tip: if you don’t have showers, carry a bottle with the natural moisture in your bag, so you make sure you have water with which to quickly clean your hair before you get home and wash it thoroughly. Why does this gesture help you to take care of your hair on the beach? Because if you are not going to return home yet, or the journey is very long, you will have removed most of the residues that damage your hair before proceeding to apply your usual shampoo and mask.

Do you dry your hair when you get out of the water by rubbing it with the beach towel? Stop doing it since it is a mistake to rub your hair with them. Remember that hair at this time is fragile, breaks easily and contains salt residues.

When you get home, try to wash your hair with cold water, as it is more beneficial for your hair and scalp, activating circulation, closing the pore and restoring shine. At least make sure that the last rinse is done with water at that temperature. It is time to apply your usual shampoo and conditioner to nourish, restore and restore the shine that the sun, salt and chlorine subtract from our hair.

Apply A Mask When You Return From The Beach

This is the best secret to take care of your hair in summer. Yes, yes, on the beach. If you have come out of the water and are not going to go back in, rinse your hair with natural water and apply a mask. It will take effect on the way home and begin to repair sun damage to your hair. When you get home and wash your hair, you can apply another more nourishing mask.

You can collect the hair in a bun to act with intensity and without bothering you to wear the product.

What Else Can You Do To Take Care Of Your Hair At The Beach? Cut Your Ends!

When you are looking for the best sun protection for your skin, you do not doubt the advice of your dermatologist, the expert in preparing and caring for your hair in summer is your usual hairdresser or hairdresser. An essential step to take care of your hair on the beach and prevent the ends from splitting with the sun, chlorine or salt, is to cut the ends or the weakest part of your hair. In this way, you will strengthen the rest of the hair, and it will resist better throughout the summer.

This area has the most dryness, so if we add the deterioration caused by salt or chlorine at the end of the summer, we will only get a soft, punished dry and dull mane.

What do we recommend that you ask your hairdresser to take care of your hair in summer? First of all, go before the exhibition to prepare the ends of your hair as we have already explained. In addition, you can add a fortifying and ultra-nourishing treatment. It is also convenient that you return to your hairdresser after vacation for a repair treatment.

Taking Care Of Your Hair In Summer Is Possible Without Heat.

After a day at the sea, the sun or the water in the pool have dried out the hair enough to leave all our heating tools in the drawer. Forget about irons, dryers, tweezers and any styler for your hair. Completely discard using the dryer after washing since the temperature of this time of year facilitates quick natural drying.


In summer, the hair is drier than usual. This is due to factors such as the sun, seawater, or chlorine in swimming pools, which deteriorate our hair’s internal and aesthetic appearance. As a result, it loses definition, tangles more quickly, and is more challenging to maintain its natural shine. The number of showers, exposure to UVA rays or high temperatures aggravate the task of repairing the damage suffered in the hair daily.

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