Recover Your Damaged Hair After The Summer We Give You The Three Tips You Need

Recover Your Damaged Hair After The Summer? We Give You The Three Tips You Need

Damaged Hair: It is already official. The summer has come to an end and gives way to autumn, with the falling leaves of trees and warm colours as protagonists. These months have left a series of memories, family trips, plans with friends and many beautiful moments. Of course, due to swimming in the pool and the sea and exposure to the sun’s rays, you may have to recover your hair because something has been damaged after the summer, especially if you have dye or highlights. Don’t worry. You can start the fall with good looks and with better hair. Today we tell you what you should do to make your hair shine again like never before. Have you made yourself comfortable? Here we go!

Summer is over, and my hair is damaged. How can I get it back?

Yes, you had enjoyed it like never before because you more than deserved it, but your hair has suffered in summer and not only because of the sun’s rays. The salt in the seawater and the chlorine in the pool make your hair drier and duller. In addition, you may notice that your hair falls out more, that it breaks easily and that the colour – if you have dye – has changed significantly.

The first effect to come to light will be the most common: your ends are split! This is because hair is made up of keratin, which is weakened by heat and causes the ends to break. 

In these cases, keratin-based treatment is more than recommended, preventing those split ends from expanding and the damage continuing to advance a little more every day. On the other hand, you will notice in your hair that it is drier than usual. It’s regular, chlorine and salt have done their job better than good, and your hair is undernourished. Nothing can be solved with a good moisturizing shampoo – among other cosmetics – so that your hair recovers the nutrients it needs to shine.

Well, at this point, it is time to restore vitality to our hair, recover a soft and silky touch and, in the case of having it dyed, recover that colour that you like so much if you want to find out how. Just keep reading!

These are the three tips to recover your damaged hair.

You already know that we like to give you solutions. Here are the three tips you must follow to recover your damaged hair in an instant:

Say goodbye to split ends

We mentioned it a little above, but we are going to delve a little into this matter. We have already mentioned that our hair is fundamentally composed of a famous protein called keratin that is perfectly ordered in our hair. The point is that this protein undergoes a series of changes during the summer due to the sun, heat, water, or chlorine. It gets messy and causes the hair to break and break more easily. The result of all this? That the dreaded split ends appear.

Faced with this situation, there are two solutions: if you see that your ends are badly damaged, the best thing is to go through the hair to have a couple of fingers cut off, have your hair healed and then try a hydration treatment. On the other hand, if you have behaved well during the summer and have done your homework protecting your hair and think that there is no need to cut, try cosmetics containing keratin. That protein structure will be put back in order, and your hair will look healthy, regaining the moisture and shine it had lost.

Deep cleaning! Use a suitable shampoo.

Another aspect you must consider so that your hair recovers is the shampoo you use, especially if you wash your hair regularly. Ideally, a shampoo is thoroughly cleaned but at the same time is gentle and will not irritate your leather scalp, which will be somewhat sensitive after exposure to the sun and water these months.

In this case, we recommend shampoos from the Organic Care line, with which you can carry out an effective cleaning of your hair, providing hydration without heaviness.

Take care of your diet, and your hair will appreciate it.

It may be that after the holidays you have gained a few pounds – do not be obsessed, go for the sport, and it will disappear – but surely you have ever heard that diet also directly affects hair and nails.

Therefore, for the recovery of your hair to be complete, we must return to a balanced and varied diet full of fruits and vegetables that maintain good hydration in your body. Sometimes, it is an excellent option to reinforce this diet with unique vitamin complexes for hair and nail care. Of course, be careful because not all of them are worth it! Consult a specialist to advise you on this matter.

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