How To Apply Red Lipstick To Increase Its Duration

How To Apply Red Lipstick To Increase Its Duration

The red lipstick: elegant and timeless makeup detail. Now used in every field, originally, the red-toned lipstick was created, in ancient Babylon, with the powders of precious stones, oil and aromatic essences.

Today, of course, we have made great strides, but there remains a great dilemma: how to make lipstick application last longer? What tricks does makeup hide? Let’s see them together!

How To Prepare Your Lips Before Applying Red Lipstick

We assume that, at this point, the makeup base is already done. Illuminating enough, a little blush to make the skin tone rosier, and especially the eyes. Small details of the eye makeup are enough to make the lipstick more evident and improve the total makeup yield. So yes to eyeliner, and defined lashes, a strong and outlined look.

The first lip preparation is to outline where you want the lipstick to end. While at first glance, this may seem unimportant when you limit yourself to coloring your lips in their natural form, the reality is that the matte and dry pencil increases the duration of any applied stick in addition to highlighting the lipstick. Just pass the lip pencil on the latter, at the same points where you will apply the lipstick layer.

The second fundamental point is to take some powder – preferably transparent or the color you want to achieve – and apply it over the points you traced with the pencil. The powder will settle on the lips, creating a protective layer for the underlying color.

Now let’s move on to the clue of the action: the actual application of the red lipstick.

How To Apply Red Lipstick: Tips To Promote Its Duration

First of all, proceed with a specific design: starting from the Cupid’s bow, in the center of the lips, arrive at the corners of the mouth. On the other hand, the lower part will be applied from left to right (or vice versa) and then in the opposite direction. You will have to be careful not to “jump” the color, correcting where it is missing, perhaps just helping you with the tip of the little finger.

It certainly isn’t over here! The duration of the lipstick, capable of remaining intact even after a meal, can be extended by repeating the powder-lipstick step, obviously without going overboard. A couple of times will be enough to ensure that that red Chanel lipstick will never come off your lips!

Which Shades Of Red To Use: Do’s And Don’t’s Don’t’s

Let’s now tackle a not-so-simple topic: shades of red. It seems easy to think that a matte red lipstick looks different than a glossy cherry red lipstick, but that’s not enough.

First of all, some lipsticks are particularly hydrated and so shiny that they shine in the dark on the market. Although they are useful in certain situations (such as in the case of deeply dry lips, for the hydrated ones), it is good to be careful. Imagine the classic scenario: a work lipstick, a daily makeup, to work in the office. Which red is right?

Although each has its style, it is also true that some shades manage to give their best in certain parts of the day. If we think of dark red lipstick, this is absolute “slaying” when the sunlight gives a sense of filling to the lips, taking advantage of this natural shading. The opaque is extremely suitable for very bright situations, where the gloss would end up being excessively flashy, risking ruining the result of the makeup.

Dark shades, in general, are suitable for formal occasions during the day, while in the evening, they risk being dull and not giving the desired effect. Not a universal rule, but certainly common enough to require some forethought, such as creating a highlight on the lips, where the opacity can have a slight reflection, notably standing out.

Always pay attention to what you combine with red lipstick: going from a sexy and provocative look to an excessive jumble is an extremely blurred boundary to be covered with caution.

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