How To Learn To Eat Vegetables

How To Learn To Eat Vegetables And Its Stubborn Opponents

Some time ago, I switched to a healthier diet, which included much more vegetables than I had eaten until then – and since it was a healthy diet, the vegetables were mostly prepared only by cooking or steaming. And as usual, over time, the vegetables prepared in this way ordered me, so I looked for another way to prepare it.  

In the end, I found out that vegetables prepared as puree or mash are the most acceptable for me, and I gradually fell in love with these mashes so that they taste better than classic potatoes. And I killed two flies with one blow – I don’t have to prepare side dishes and vegetables separately and it’s a healthy, tasty and easy-to-digest meal. A great advantage is also the great variability of the types of vegetables used. 

In this form, vegetables are also eaten by its staunch opponents – for example, children who do not want to eat vegetables in the classic form. If you want the puree a little denser and richer, feel free to add 1-2 potatoes to the vegetables.

My combinations tested so far are:

1. potatoes, carrots

2. carrots, celery, parsley (alone or with potatoes)

3. Pumpkin puree from Hokkaido pumpkin (alone and with potatoes)

4. celery puree

5. sourdough puree (alone or with potatoes)

6. Cuckoo and carrots (very delicate and delicious puree)

7. potatoes and sweet potatoes

8. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots

9. cauliflower and broccoli puree (alone and with potatoes)

We prepare the puree in the classic way – we clean all vegetables and potatoes and cook together, drain, mix – with a piece of butter and a little milk. We taste to taste – salt, pepper, curry, grated Parmesan (especially suitable for sweet potatoes, carrots). Some vegetables if you want a more delicious taste (celery, kvaka, parsley) can be cooked in milk or cream. There are no limits to imagination. Without potatoes, mash will be finer and easier to digest, with potatoes it will satiate more.

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