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Balanced Diet: The Importance Of Indulging In a Few Snags

A balanced diet is what it takes to live well and for as long as possible. Recently, scientific studies of international significance have also shown this. In detail, eating well facilitates the intake of nutrients , promotes the correct functioning of physiological needs and even allows us to heal ourselves through food . In short, through a balanced diet, it is possible to strengthen the body, acquire the energy we need to work at our best and take on the fundamental nutrients.

Balanced diet: it is possible to indulge in a moment of pleasure

To lighten the weight of a balanced diet, moments of pleasure cannot be missing, perhaps at a snack or at breakfast. Moments of pleasure in which to enjoy light chocolate with a very low percentage of fats and sugars. There are not many brands that produce chocolate with a reduced amount of sugar that is at the same time as tasty as the traditional one. Venchi, for example, has created a line of dietary chocolate , with 70% less sugar.

According to the report of the Italian Society of Human Nutrition, the ideal serving size is about 30 grams which corresponds to six pieces of a standard tablet. The advice of the experts is to let the small piece of chocolate melt on the tongue, so that the aromatic compounds can release all their power. In doing so, the satiety input quickly reaches the brain, making it much easier to manage the consumption of chocolate . With regard to the choice of the type of chocolate, the opinion of the doctors rewards the dark one at 70%. Therefore, always checking the label of the product we are about to buy, the percentage of cocoa in the bar must never be less than 70%. Also pay attention to the quantity of added fats that is those not attributable to cocoa butter.

Balanced diet: an important support for growth

A balanced diet is an essential condition in every phase of life, from infancy to becoming an adult. For the little ones, a healthy and balanced nutrition acts as a support for the regular growth of the child , improves learning and psychophysical well-being. The effects of healthy nutrition are amplified if it is accompanied by regular exercises. By doing so, the not too rigid diet becomes an important prevention tool , guaranteeing the child a good level of protection from the onset of various diseases (obesity, cardiovascular, metabolic diseases, diabetes and hypertension). In addition, the basic functions of the organism benefit greatly.

Balanced diet: that’s why a gradual change is needed

The transition to a healthy and balanced diet must not be immediate, but must be achieved gradually. In fact, a sudden change in eating habits could cause unwanted effects on the person’s body and psyche . Scientific studies have shown that a sudden change in eating habits often turns out to be counterproductive in the long run and that the human body needs a certain period to get used to new stimuli. Sometimes, those who are not used to consuming vegetables, legumes and cereals within a week, in the first days of approaching the diet could experience intestinal or digestive disorders. In summary, these are frequent situations that tend to resolve themselves within a week, however a gradual approach to the new diet that you want to adopt is advisable.

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