Intestinal Flora

Health Passes From The Balance Of The Intestinal Flora

Intestinal Flora, The microbiota intervenes in numerous processes fundamental to our psycho-physical well-being : it cooperates with the immune system by acting as a barrier against pathogens, affects various metabolic functions, synthesizes vitamins otherwise lacking in our diet, releases molecules that contribute to intestinal well-being and even seems be able to affect the mood of the guest.

However , the microbiota is a plastic and dynamic entity : its balance can fail , due to incorrect nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, stress or antibiotic therapies, leading to a microbial imbalance known as dysbiosis .

“An altered microbiota can play an important role in the onset and progression of a series of dysmetabolic pathologies such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders” – declares Professor Brigidi, Professor of Biotechnology of Fermentation at the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences of Bologna – «But also in neurodegenerative diseases associated with healthy aging, and with various autoimmune diseases.

An aid to restore eubiosis, i.e. balance, is given by probiotics.

Probiotics, especially multi-strain, multi-species and multi-genus ones, help restore the balance of intestinal bacterial microflora , counteracting the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and integrating missing microorganisms. Furthermore, different strains and species combine, help each other, favoring the colonization of microbial consortia for the benefit of the human host. ” continues the Professor.

The YOVIS line of multi-strain, multi-species and multi-genus probiotic food supplements , contains billions of enzymes to help restore the balance of bacterial microflora, with a variety of references that can be chosen according to your preferences and lifestyle: because  each has different intestinal flora than us, and YOVIS knows it .

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