Pregnancy Myths

Five Pregnancy Myths Put To The Test

“If the belly is pointed, it will be a boy.” Or: “Once a cesarean section, always a cesarean section” – who does not know the strange myths about pregnancy and childbirth? Passed on from generation to generation, they persist. We asked our senior midwife Yvonne Schildai which myths are actually circulating and which ones you can forget.

Myth 1: The Baby’s Gender Can Be Influenced

Many couples dream of it: If it could be determined at the time of conception whether it would be a boy or a girl, it would probably be a lot quieter in many family chats – after all, there would then be no weeks of guesswork about eating behavior, the famous ” Pregnancy glow ”and the mood of the expectant mother. But if it were that easy, the magic moment during the ultrasound would also be eliminated, which parents will probably remember for a lifetime. And which can cause a big surprise in one case or another – namely when a long-awaited girl turns into a boy or the little up-and-coming footballer suddenly becomes a ballerina.

And since theories such as “Socks during sex, then it will be a girl” just as little as the accurate timing of the time of conception based on the moon phases can be substantiated with meaningful studies, we advise you to sit back, relax and wait. After all, anticipation is the greatest joy, isn’t it? 

Myth 2: Girls Rob The Mother-To-Be Of Beauty

A round belly shape suggests a girl, a boy is guaranteed to grow in a pointed belly – do you also know these sentences and ask yourself every time why so many people believe in traditions like this?

But that’s not all – after all, a radiantly beautiful and relaxed appearance allegedly also suggests a boy, while greasy hair, pale skin, and an exhausted pregnant woman can be assigned to a girl. Yvonne Schildai knows about it:

So at this wonderful time in your life, it’s perfectly fine to take things a little easier. Instead of standing in the bathroom for hours, do you feel like reading about your pregnancy and chocolate chips? Then enjoy these precious moments with your unborn child to the fullest – after all, this time will also pass at some point and a new, exciting phase of life awaits you.

Myth 3: Once A Cesarean Section, Always A Cesarean Section?

The expert knows from her own experience that childbirth is an important and at the same time sensitive topic for most women. She, therefore, recommends virtual delivery room tours and live chats, which are regularly offered on the Instagram and Facebook channels of the Helios Clinic in Buch.

By the way: In many clinics, delivery by cesarean section is often only used for complications and as a life-saving measure. If a pregnant woman wants to give birth vaginally after a cesarean section, she can do so – or if she expressly wishes, she can decide to have another cesarean section.

Myth 4: If You Feel Sicker During Pregnancy, You Will Have A Girl

As well as by the condition of the skin and hair, some enthusiastic relatives can also tell the gender of the baby from the level of morning sickness.

Women who suffer from nausea more often in the first trimester should expect a girl. A myth? Not quite. Because according to a Swedish study, this theory is not entirely wrong. For example, mothers who were very nauseated were more likely to give birth to a girl rather than a boy.

However, there is no 100 percent certainty for this pregnancy myth either. In any case, it is much more important than the expectant mother allows herself rest and relaxation instead of worrying about the gender of her baby, isn’t it?

Myth 5: A Glass Of Wine Is Not A glass Of Wine?

Drinking a glass of wine in a relaxed atmosphere – should pregnant women enjoy that too? After all, the alcohol supposedly doesn’t harm the baby as long as the expectant mother doesn’t notice any spinning in her head. Objection! After all, the baby is connected to the mother’s bloodstream so that it absorbs and processes all nutrients, but of course also all harmful substances.

“The reward for that? A healthy baby who sees the light of day a few months later. But it’s definitely worth doing without!

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