Lose 6 kilos Per Month if You Include This Superfood(vegetables And Fruits) In Your Daily Meals

Experts recommend eating it at least three times a week and it stands out for being a very satiating vegetables.

After having left behind the slope of January and having spent all this month fighting against the excesses of Christmas, many people have proposed a new goal for the summer.

Although it seems that there is a long way to go, time passes so quickly that, without realizing it, we are already planning our summer vacations and deciding the destination where we are going to disconnect from the world.

The objective that many and many have set for the best time of the year is to start the engines of the bikini operation.

To achieve this goal, many people have joined a healthy lifestyle , have started a diet to lose weight or have proposed to gradually lose weight over the months.

As in any process of losing weight, there are always foods that star in diets and those that usually have an immovable presence are fruits and vegetables .

Today we are going to talk to you about a vegetable that has become very fashionable among nutritionists and food experts because it is low in calories and very beneficial for the body.

Delicious, satiating, nutritious

The vegetable that we are going to talk to you about is the sweet potato .

Also known as sweet potato , this vegetable has become the main protagonist of countless dishes because it is a very versatile vegetable and because of the possibility it offers when it comes to applying it to different dishes.

The sweet potato is rich in antioxidants, ideal for intestinal transit,  eyesight, skin and hypertension.

As for its slimming properties , the sweet potato is very satiating and, in order to lose 6 kilos per month, you must include it in your diet at least three times a week . It is recommended that you leave space between days for this vitamin vegetable to take effect.

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