How To Prevent Gingivitis?

The main cause of gingivitis is the accumulation of tartar on the teeth that irritates the gums, to prevent it it is important to have good oral hygiene.

What is gingivitis?

Gingivitis is a very common disease of the oral cavity (periodontal disease) that causes inflammation and damage to the oral mucosa, injuring the gums. Having an asymptomatic onset, both diagnosis and treatment are sometimes delayed.

why it occurs

Its main cause is the accumulation of tartar on the teeth , which creates deposits (between the tooth and the gum). Tartar is the hardening of a plate of substances formed by saliva, bacteria, food debris and dead cells. This tartar will create toxins that will damage the gums and will also be responsible for other pathologies such as cavities.

The cause of tartar formation is incorrect or insufficient brushing of the teeth and also the poor use of dental floss.

how it is formed

Without proper cleaning of the teeth , at the junction between the tooth and the gum – tartar will accumulate, and it will also do so in the area where there are fillings (fillings). Where it will not accumulate is where there are no teeth.

For this plaque to solidify and form tartar, the time factor is important, since if more than 72 hours pass, this tartar will become solid and cannot be removed with dental floss or regular brushing.

This tartar plaque will cause chronic inflammation in the gum and the most frequent signs will appear, which are irritation and bleeding caused by the gum detaching from the tooth. These symptoms will worsen with brushing and eating. Ulcers and bad breath may also appear. Hypersensitivity will be frequent, but it will not be painful.

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