Skin Treatment | Tips To Restore Skin Firmness

Indeed, we cannot avoid the passage of time, but we can prevent it from being noticed on our skin. In today’s article, we present all the tips that should be followed to regain the skin firmness of the face and body.

Drink Water!

Don’t let the skin get dehydrated. Drink plenty of water during the day; it helps replenish tissues, hydrate them and provide them with elasticity. In this way, the appearance of wrinkles, lack of shine and the dull appearance of the face is avoided.

Food Is Essential!

Food also has an impact on the skin not having the desired Skin firmness. Depending on which foods can cause the complexion to appear dull or to appear blemishes, spots, acne … And, in the same way, some foods have components and properties that improve their appearance. Some of them would be tomatoes, red meat, broccoli or bluefish.

Sleep Is More Than Important For The Skin!

When we fall asleep, our body is responsible for repairing, regenerating and maintaining all the body’s cells. If we sleep little or badly, our skin will be duller, dark circles will be marked. Our eyelids will be more drooping … If this is repeated frequently, it results in premature aging of the skin, so … sleep! They say it is the secret of eternal youth …

Remove Makeup From Your Face Every Night!

What good is sleeping long hours if the skin cannot breathe because it has not removed makeup? To achieve healthy skin, it is necessary to follow a routine of facial cleansing. If makeup residue is not removed, pores become clogged, and skin becomes dull. In addition, expression lines are accentuated, and dark circles are marked. Now, choose your makeup removal products correctly; each skin needs different care.

Exfoliate The Skin Once A Week

Eliminating dead skin cells brings many benefits to the dermis, including Skin firmness.

Hydrate Your Complexion Daily

To achieve firm skin, hide the signs of aging and show off healthy and young skin, it is essential to apply moisturizing creams day and night that maintain its smoothness and water balance, essential to achieve a good texture. Some scented moisturizers also help maintain skin. 

Head To Your Salon Often!

Performing facial and body beauty treatments promptly will help your skin not lose Skin firmness and elasticity. Even treatments like facial yoga help rejuvenation. 

Cryotherapy Body Treatment

It is indicated in cases in which it is desired to reduce localized hydrolipid overloads, improve the tissue structure of the so-called orange peel and improve blood and lymphatic circulation. The skin will be firmer after the sessions indicated.

Pure Radiant Facial Treatment

Reduces expression lines, plumping and decongesting the skin. Provides smoothness and softness. Dark circles and bags recover the elasticity lost during the summer, wrinkles in expression lines are reduced, gaining luminosity and freshness.

Young Face Treatment

Strengthens collagen and elastin fibres to maintain the youthful appearance of the face. You will be able to reaffirm and redefine the facial oval and provide a youthful and revitalized appearance.

Moisturizing Velo Facial Treatment

Stimulates the hydration mechanisms of the dermal tissue. The hydric flows of the skin’s surface barrier are strengthened, preventing dehydration of the skin. It is an ideal treatment to regain hydration of the skin after sun exposure.

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