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Trends For Brides Getting Married In Winter

Trends For Brides: Do you get married in winter? Here are some of the season’s hottest hair trends, according to those in the know.

Winter can also offer us dream ceremonies and some brides know it. The light is different, everything is calmer and that allows the bride and groom certain licenses both to choose the place and the way they dress. Escaping the wedding season has its rewards. These are some of the trends for winter weddings!

Sheltered By Nature

Forests or snowy landscapes convey stillness and that relaxation encourages the creation of a different aesthetic. “A winter bride can resort to garments that have no place at another time of the year, such as stoles or short fur jackets. Depending on the nature of the wedding, this will lead us to different updos, even ethnic ones such as the two braids or the semi-updos with accessories such as feathers”, 

Stylish Brides

The garments that trends offer us. “Incorporating fashionable garments such as oversize or rectangular shoulder blazers are ideal for winter brides, it presents a more festive and up-to-date image. That leads us to hairstyles that we can see on catwalks or red carpets: curly shaggy’s with bangs, creative bows, ultra-smooth hair, etc.”,

Winter In The City

The most urban brides can adapt their image to their most cosmopolitan character. “The most informal garments have a place depending on the type of ceremony or when luxurious details are added. Trends For Brides This allows us to expand the possibilities of hairstyles, hair gathered on one side with a root braid, textured and loose or comfortable collected street wear .”

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