Eat Eggs Almost Every Day

This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Eggs Almost Every Day

In other times, eggs were stigmatized and were synonymous with cholesterol. However, new studies have shown that it does not affect negatively , and rather is beneficial, as long as you do not eat an excessive number per week . Let’s see what happens if you take them every day and the maximum recommended amount.

The Benefits Of Consuming Eggs

Eggs are considered  one of the most nutritious foods that exist . In fact, they have been part of the human diet for centuries. They provide health benefits both physically and mentally and are considered one of the ‘superfoods‘.

They are rich in protein, but also in vitamins and minerals . They have calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients that give us energy and contribute to our well-being. In addition, they are a good source of unsaturated fats.

Eggs Are One Of The Most Consumed Foods In The World

The egg is one of those few foods that when you go to the country you go, you can find it without much difficulty. That is why it is considered to be a universal food. In each country it is used to make simple recipes such as an omelet or as an ingredient in a native dish. And more and more people eat it raw (you will remember the famous Rocky scene where before training he drinks several raw eggs in a glass). However, be careful with it because it contains bacteria when not cooked and can cause salmonella.

The False Relationship Between Eggs And Cholesterol

For years it has been said that this food contributed to increasing  cholesterol . However, recent studies show that  the cholesterol present in eggs does not have a significant impact on blood cholesterol levels .

In fact, the majority opinion now is that eggs do not raise cholesterol, but  other foods that we eat along with them do , such as bacon, sausages, etc., as well as the oil in which they are fried.

So Can I Eat One Egg A Day?

Well, for those who love the egg there is good news and the answer is yes. A study published in The American Journal of Medicine stated that people who ate more than one egg a day had a lower risk of coronary artery-related diseases and favored their coronary health. Very far from what was thought.

But they also add that it is a food that improves your body in general thanks to the number of benefits it has. Therefore, it is perfectly valid and healthy to eat an egg a day or even more if you are an athlete, since it provides you with nutrients with hardly any calories, as well as being satiating.

What You Need To Take Care Of Is The Form Of Consumption

The nuance comes in how you eat them. Let us remember that the egg can be taken and treated in different ways: boiled, poached, fried, stuffed and even raw , as well as being part of many recipes, shaken or scrambled with mushrooms, for example.

Therefore, the egg per day is cooked under certain conditions, without the presence of fat. Let’s see the best ways to take them for that daily consumption.

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