Properly Care For Your Handbags

Do You Know How To Properly Care For Your Handbags?

They say that things will last if we take care of them. This rule no doubt also applies to women’s handbags. Read how to store and clean them so that they look like new for several years.

Keep Purses Away From Light

To prevent color fading on your ladies handbag, store it away from direct sunlight. It is advisable to keep it in a cool and dark place , preferably in a bag.

Keeping The Shape Of The Bag

Handbags are susceptible to changing their original shape if they are not stored properly (especially leather ones). If you are not carrying the bag at the moment, fill it with paper, bubble wrap or old clothes . This will help preserve its original shape.

Don’t Overdo It With Cleaning

How to clean the bag depends on the specific material. The nylon bag should be washed by hand using mild soap. It is advisable to wash the leather bag with a soft cloth, which must be pre-soaked in warm water mixed with kitchen soap. Handle the leather very carefully and never rub the bag. If you want your women’s handbags to last as long as possible, clean them only when it is really necessary .

Storage In Pockets

If you want your handbags to look like new, store them in bags to protect them from dust. When shopping for suitable bags, choose a breathable material such as cotton . Plastic bags are not recommended as they could damage some of the materials the handbags are made of. When you put the handbag in your pocket, attach a tag with the description of the particular handbag to the handle. In this way, you will create a clear system and you will not waste time searching.

Storage Of Handbags In Baskets

Once you’ve put your handbags and women’s backpacks in your bags, it’s time to organize them into larger containers. Containers can be made of wicker, plastic or fabric. Organize purses in these containers by shape, size or use. Then put the containers in the wardrobe, on a shelf or under the bed.

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