Children Of Divorced Parents

10 Things That Children Of Divorced Parents Do Differently In Love

All psychologists agree that children of divorced parents have won the “other” label in the lottery. It does not necessarily have to be a negative or positive adjective. Even this adjective – this “property” does not scream. He doesn’t ask for attention. She doesn’t need to be seen. Not at first glance. However, in every sphere of the manifestation of humanity – cognitions, emotions and actions, we get caught up “in the shot”. The main protagonist himself knows what I’m talking about. And I understand him.

It’s the same with relationships that are influenced by our previous experiences. Better and worse.

We write about ten things that we, the children of divorced families, do differently in our relationship.

We love each other carefully. We know what it means to be truly heartbroken. And seeing the broken hearts of spouses is strong coffee. That’s why we take commitments seriously and don’t make them often.

We believe in great and true love because we know it was once there. Yes, even in a divorced family.

We believe that love never dies. We were constantly told that deep in their hearts, our parents still love each other – even if they don’t live together anymore. And that gives us hope.

We care about others. It doesn’t matter if we know them or not. Whether they once hurt us or disappointed us. We dealt with adult problems that did not concern us or that we did not understand. If we were able to accept the wrong actions of our parents, why can’t we do the same with other people?

The term “emotional stability” is important to us. It’s something that got lost in our parents’ relationship, and we work all the more to make sure it doesn’t happen in our relationships.

We miss our significant others – more (rather more).

We expect a lot. We come from a world of arguments and fights, knowing that there was always a simpler solution to everything, which we didn’t see or didn’t want to see at the time of the divorce. In the future, we only strive for simpler solutions, which we also expect from our partner.

We forgive easily. Our parents did it too. They constantly forgave each other and gave each other second chances.

We are careful to say “I love you.”

It’s hard to love us. But who doesn’t?

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