How To Forget Him

Instructions On How To Forget Him

Forget: Yes, it sounds so beautiful that one day you will wake up and your first thoughts will not be of him. That when you happen to hear that “your” song, you won’t shed a tear. That he won’t let you down if you hear about him or if you happen to see him somewhere in the city. That you will be single, you will not be bound by feelings for him, that you will be able to establish a new relationship and give a chance to someone who does not behave like this. I know you want the freedom to not have the constant urge to compare him with your new one in your head.

1. Accept it

I also know that sometimes it is difficult to forget and that sometimes it is not even possible. It just won’t work. In this case, it is important to accept it. Just yes, he was a part of your life. You accept him as part of your past. You spent a certain period with him, you can’t press “Delete” in your head and pretend it never happened. Maybe it will be a part of you until the end of your life. He will have a small part in your heart. It will be a little plant in you that will grow with you. But not painful. You just have to take it as a fact. He is there, he is there with you. He brought you something, taught you something, showed you something, and is a part of you. You went through something with him and it’s okay.

The sooner you start to accept that it is simply there somewhere, the sooner it will go away. You can’t artificially push the saw, blame yourself for how weak you are that it can’t be done, you can’t beat yourself up for it. You just have to clean a small place for him and leave him there. And to live with the thought “Every person is in my life to teach me something” . He also left something in you and it has to leave on its own. You can only support it by learning to cooperate with it, not by fighting it with force.

2. Get busy

It doesn’t take much science to get her thoughts out of him. But sitting on the bed, feeling sorry for yourself and crying into the pillow doesn’t really help. Just imagine it. You know that game with chairs. There are a few people, during the music they pass by the chairs that are lined up in a circle, but they are one less than the people. The music stops and people have to sit down on one of the chairs as quickly as possible. The one who misses it and has no chair left loses. He’s out of the game. And somehow this is how the literal imprinting of the thought on him is visualized.

You have to replace that one thought. To fill all the imaginary chairs so that he has none left.

And that’s why you can do a big cleaning right now. Turn on the music, reorganize the shelves, wash the floor , simply get busy, start going to that Italian course you’ve been wanting to go to for a long time, start painting, learn to cook, go for walks. You just push it out of your head.

3. Try Rituals

I really like the concept of rituals. Now is such a busy time that we don’t have time to stop and honor the given situation. And you know that feeling when you come home tired in the evening and immediately go to the shower to ” wash off today “. In the same way, you can ritually wash him off yourself, or you can write him a letter and burn it… The Internet is full of ideas for rituals, and there are no limits to your imagination.

And one more thing. She should put away, if not throw away, things after him. Stuffed animals, clothes, everything. Either donate the toys to an orphanage or to a family member. But don’t keep it with you, it will only bring back memories. Even if you say you don’t mind it, it has to go away because believe it or not it affects you. You can also do it as part of your personal ritual.

And above all, don’t forget. Nothing ends. He made way for someone better. A breakup is not the end of the world, you don’t need it to be happy. You can be happy without him, so get up and show it to the world.

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