Only Someone Who Really Loves You Says These Words

Only Someone Who Really Loves You Says These Words


Each of us falls in love, but it doesn’t always end the way we want it to. Some loves last longer than others. Some crushes are too blind, but we still believe that a person can change. No one changes if they don’t have a reason to, and that’s why I found someone who says these words to me and means them.

No one is perfect, but love is about complimenting each other

We all seek perfection, but love is not perfect. Love is about understanding and trusting each other. And so he told me that although we are not a couple of perfect people, we are together and it is certainly not a coincidence, because…

There are no coincidences, so I know that our paths were meant to meet

Maybe we didn’t meet at the best time and it wasn’t perfect. We helped each other and became friends who remembered the good times as well as the worse times in life. We got to know each other. The more we spent time together, the more we felt that everything was easy.

It is important that we look at the world through the same eyes

We love the little things. We love sunsets in the middle of everything. Sitting in the meadow, laughing and talking. I listened to what was in your heart and knew that everything was fine. The tone in which you said it and the words made me say… 

I love you even if it’s too complicated

It was a long time before we got to each other in such a way. Emotionally, we were completely different. But your cold heart began to melt over time with mine. Your eyes began to change as they looked into mine. There was a flame of love in them that you needed so much.

We will go through the hardest road together, but I don’t want to be without you anymore

And so we embarked together on a journey that will not be easy, but we will go through it together and that is exactly the difference. We didn’t want to leave it at the first problem and that’s what love is. I Want it to be harder. Because everyone can have simple things.

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