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Losing Weight Without Doing Anything Is Possible If You Follow These Tips

Losing Weight, these days of confinement weigh down the desire to exercise and the anxiety to eat leads them to spend all day consulting in the kitchen. Is it possible to losing weight without doing anything? Beyond depending on genetics, which is a key factor for our body to be more or less active with respect to fats and carbohydrates, some daily activities that do not require great effort can help you losing weight without doing anything. To do this, we have compiled the advice of several personal trainers and dietitians who have explained to us what the bases are for losing weight without depending on greater efforts.

Hydration With Water

Drinking a lot of water will not only make you feel better, but it is a natural cleanser. It has been proven that those who drink a glass of water a day before each meal eat less food and therefore fewer calories. That is, that glass of water has a satiating effect without incorporating any other extra elements such as sugars. It has also been studied how water speeds up metabolism , thus helping the body to function better and burn calories and other elements that affect the accumulation of fat and fluids in the body.

The Apple Before Eating: The Reason For The Myth

The apple is one of the most satiating fruits that we can eat both for lunch and as a snack. It has a high content of pectin (the satiating element) and barely generates a caloric intake (50 calories, approximately per apple on average). It is easy to carry, keeps in good condition for longer and provides a large volume of B vitamins , as well as being one of the best natural foods to reduce high cholesterol, blood sugar and as a regulator of intestinal transit.

Losing Weight Without Doing Any Exercise, But Eating Better

According to nutritionists, people who maintain an inadequate diet are the first to see the change in their body when their diet is completely changed, prioritizing natural products, incorporating vegetables and herbs into the diet and controlling the meat eaten. Of course, all processed foods , to a greater or lesser extent, contain sugars, saturated fats and compounds that the body does not process properly. A note from nutritionists: prioritize purchases in local markets over supermarkets, and you will fall into fewer temptations in the form of processed foods.

The Quiz Is In The Quantities

In addition to paying more attention to the food we eat, it is essential to control the amounts we eat of each food. If we don’t have a lot of physical activity, our caloric needs are reduced. If we work long hours, even sitting in an office, we must consume more of some nutrients such as potassium or magnesium, to strengthen the functioning of the brain. Of course, it is not good for the body to deny it the calories it needs since in the medium and long term they can cause health problems.

Spacing Meals Reduces The Quantities

One of the best formulas to manage to control the calories ingested each day is to schedule the meals that are going to be made, knowing that nutritionist recommend five meals a day instead of three. The explanation is very simple: by eating more regularly, the moment of eating generates less anxiety, so the body tends to satiate with less quantity.

Homemade Tomato And Avocado

There are two high-consumption products in our usual diet that have perfect natural substitutes: industrial tomato sauce and butter . In both cases, the caloric intake is very high, and can be replaced by natural equivalents. In the case of the tomato , the natural one, always has a greater contribution of iron and none of the sugars present in the processed ones. Avocado , on the other hand, is a very interesting substitute in the form of cream for those who like breakfast with spreadable toast. It has fats, yes, but they are good for the body.

The Importance Of A Good Rest

In sleep, the body remains active, carrying out some “maintenance” processes that are necessary for the proper functioning of the organism. If that rest is denied, in addition to the implicit feeling of tiredness, we are taking control of the production of ghrelin and leptin, which are the hunger hormones. Consequently, we will have a greater feeling of anxiety about eating, which generates an imbalance in the diet. On the contrary, a quality sleep maintains the usual rhythm of the body.

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