Colorful Socks

Colorful Socks Make You Smart!

May 9th is the day of the lost sock again. And because socks are much less likely to get lost if they differ in color and pattern, we also dedicate ourselves to colorful footwear.

“Clothes Make The Man” Is Scientifically Proven

“The fact that you can distinguish between colored socks better and not lose them so easily is only one advantage,” explains Jens Bastian. A study by Harvard Business School from 2014 shows that people with unusual, non-compliant clothing are also rated as smarter and more successful. The study with the appropriate title ‘The Red Sneaker Effect’ shows that people with an unusual appearance are usually assigned a higher level – this also applies to the choice of socks!

Colorful Socks In Everyday Life

If you have a creative job or just have a casual dress code in the office, you can really let off steam with the color and pattern of your socks. “They go best with a leather lace-up shoe – such as a Budapest shoe – or a sneaker,” recommends the expert. 

In general, the sock pattern should match the color of the rest of the outfit. If the socks are already wildly patterned, you should be careful when choosing the pattern for the rest of the outfit – in the rarest of cases, different patterns also go together.

These Are The No-Gos

As long as the employer doesn’t dictate otherwise, colorful socks are now also allowed with a suit. Knee socks are the most practical because regardless of color or pattern, suit wearers should never show bare legs. tip: “The socks can be combined very well with a color-coordinated accessory such as a tie or bow tie. In my opinion, the only thing that doesn’t go well with colorful socks is shorts. With shorts, socks should never be seen. And if you don’t want to slip into your shoes barefoot, you can choose short sneaker socks. “

At Some Point, The Fun Also Stops

There is now a seemingly endless selection of colorful socks. It is important not to overdo it when choosing the pattern. “Stars, cars, rockets, hearts or comics are funny, but something for children rather than men,” says experts. “If you want something more unusual, I recommend patterns with checks, stripes, or dots.”

In the leisure area, there are of course no limits to the desire to combine and a colorful sock with a suit can also look smart in a more casual environment. So if you have the opportunity, you can play with a little color in the business area, provided that the general dress code of the workplace is compatible with it. Black socks are still recommended for a classic dress code, even if you run the risk of losing a sock more quickly.

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