Which Style Women Prefer In Men

Which Style Women Prefer In Men

What man doesn’t dream of knowing what women really want? For most men, this would likely make relationships and communication with women a lot easier. But whether simpler is always better at the same time remains to be seen at this point.

From now on, the Gentleman Blog keeps an eye out for surveys, statistics, and studies and presents interesting and sometimes surprising results every month on what is important to women and what they want from men. It is of course far for us to generalize, especially since statistics are always to be enjoyed with a healthy level of skepticism. Be that as it may, today’s statistics in the first part of our series “What women want” are based on the motto “Style”.

Clear Vote For The 3-Day Bard

Shaved clean, creative facial hairstyle, 3-day or full beard, what do women find sexiest? The answer is clear. 68 percent of the women surveyed between 20 and 40 years of age have the so-called “3-day beard”. In contrast, only 27 percent of women prefer a clean-shaven face. Full beards and wild in-house creations, on the other hand, only really appeal to two percent of women each. In this case, less is more.

Slips Are a Real Love Killer

What should you wear underneath? Tight-fitting shorts are the favorite of the vast majority of women (68%). This is followed by the classic wide boxer shorts (23%). Significantly more women like not wearing underwear themselves (7%), the white panties or knickers (2%). So the term “love killer” is no accident. Still, three-quarters of women find that it is primarily up to them and less to men to wear sexy underwear.

Tight Jeans And Two Polo Shirts On Top Of Each Other?

For a few years now, two things have crept into men’s fashion and have almost become established: skinny jeans and wearing two polo shirts at once. With women, however, the style is only partially popular. Less than a third of women (32%) like tight jeans and only a quarter (24%) like the double polo shirt. But neither is really a gentleman-style.

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