Women Find Unattractive In Men

10 Things Women Find Unattractive In Men

Full hair, a prominent chin area, or the famous aquiline nose. As is well known, attractiveness is largely determined by external appearance. But good looks are not everything. The Gentleman Blog presents ten things that make even supposedly attractive men look bad.

Beautiful People Are Better People

It is difficult to generalize what women find attractive in men and what they do not. Primarily, it is primarily the appearance that decides whether the other person likes or dislikes them. But unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to a popular and calming phrase: Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. In fact, researchers have now shown that physical attractiveness is not subjective. Rather, men and women are influenced in terms of attraction by values ​​and criteria that bring to light similar results across all continents and can even be recorded by computer programs.

The shape and symmetry of facial features, youth, vitality, and sensory perceptions such as the smell and sound of the voice have a decisive influence on the extent to which we find someone attractive – always accompanied by socio cultural values ​​and ideals of beauty evoked by the media. And that’s not all. According to studies, external beauty is often equated with positive character traits: So the more beautiful a person, the better they are? Because it’s inner values ​​that count, people are first and foremost superficial. Or is it not?

To our reassurance, other studies show that external attractiveness – at least for the “fair sex” – only plays a subordinate role when choosing a partner. Charm and wit, self-confidence and status, intelligence and reliability are what tip the scales here. While some women melt away with the “sensitive family man” type, others prefer the “asshole” type. Fortunately, tastes are ultimately different, which is why the following listing does not claim to be general.

From Romeo To Diva – 10 No-Go’s For Men

10. Passivity.

Very few people have a concrete idea of ​​the course of their life from the start. Nor is there an inventor, top athlete, or do-gooder in each of us. Women do not expect such ambitions from their (future) partner, but lack of drive is unattractive in the long run. Men who regard the current television program as an ideal pastime hardly appear interesting, let alone attractive. Those who, on the other hand, pursue their own interests with passion – that’s right, the thing with hobbies – also inspire their lady of heart. Experience has shown that enthusiasm is literally contagious.

9. Ignorance & Drivel.

Gentlemen who only talk about themselves without periods and commas and do not pay the same attention to a woman must not ask her to jump in the air.

8. Narcissism

Women value men who keep their word. However, liking your own post on Facebook or Instagram is about as attractive as admiring your own face with any mirror surface that appears.

7. Wide V-Neck.

Whether a gentleman opts for the traditional button placket, a round collar or the V-neckline is primarily a question of personal taste and the occasion. However, if the currently modern, wide-cut V-neckline sometimes opens up deeper insights into the cleavage of the man than with his companion, with 99.99 percent probability that is too much of a good thing.

6. Yes-Sayers.

Women expect men to have a certain level of sensitivity. However, if you say yes and amen to everything out of consideration for the feelings of the other, you first undermine your integrity in the long run and then immediately lose attraction. Compromise is important. But even in a partnership, a man should not completely put his own interests and values ​​aside.

5. No-Sayers.

Women love confident men who know what they want. When you go shopping for the umpteenth time or watch the latest romance film, you can also give preference to a football evening with friends in order to stick to the stereotypes … Those who consistently only pursue their own interests signal disinterest and lack of appreciation.

4. bum Bags.

The small leather or fabric pockets that can be buckled with a practical snap fastener below the stomach are indestructible. At a concert or on a hike, the little surprise bag may still be practical, after all, you have both hands free, as a companion in the city, it usually ruins any outfit.

3. Leadfoot.

Men and cars – that’s a topic in itself. Recklessly stepping on the pedal, Formula One games at the traffic lights or jostling does not seem superior, but embarrassing. Gentlemen who, on the other hand, show self-control behind the wheel, show class.

2. Indecision.

Sentences like “Whatever you want” or, even worse, “I don’t care” annoy women on a regular basis. Why? Women want decisive men who have both feet firmly on the ground.

1. The Center Of The World.

The throat hurts and the dying swan is not far away – in principle, the work piles up twice as high and, above all, the tiresome housework just doesn’t want to be “fun” for him. Scandal! That may be a little exaggerated, but many men also have a diva slumbering. Men who only focus on their own needs sooner or later appear unattractive.


Men don’t have it easy, because behind every fork in the road there are supposed faux pas. But fair play: there is no doubt that the points above do not only apply to the men’s world.

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