Professional Makeup How To Correct The Forehead

Professional Makeup: How To Correct The Forehead

Professional Makeup: As with the nose or chin, the forehead is another part of the face that many people are not entirely satisfied with. This is because it can be too small or prominent, thus unbalancing the proportions of the face . Fortunately, there are several solutions to this situation. A good haircut or a correct makeup with products that help correct or hide the aspects of the forehead with which we do not fully agree, will always help to show a harmony on the entire face. There are countless products, which can be purchased in physical stores or in an  online makeup store

The knowledge of these products, the type of forehead and the makeup techniques to carry out these corrections, are the bases to modify the forehead at will.

We show you below everything you need to know about it.


Forehead Study

It is called in front of the upper part of the face, Professional Makeup which forms a wide area and must be in the right proportion both in height and width.

Its location, so close to the hair, makes possible a simple form of correction: the hairstyle and, especially, the bangs.

Although the ideal correction is not provided by visagism techniques, but by hairstyle, it is important to carry out a study of the morphology of the face in which its shape is analyzed . The objective of this study is to look for possible solutions in case the forehead presents an aspect that is not very harmonious with respect to the face as a whole.

To carry out this study it is important to focus on two aspects: frontal and profile. In the frontal plane, the size of the forehead must be considered . In this way, and depending on the size, the forehead can be: balanced, wide or narrow. In the profile plane, the shape must be considered. When observing the forehead in profile, it may turn out that it is more or less straight or domed, classifying it as: straight, domed or retracted.

Correction Techniques

Once the morphological study of the forehead has been carried out , it is time to proceed to perform the different correction techniques. Various methods can be used to correct the forehead.

  1. How to correct the forehead with makeup. Visagism techniques.
  2. Correction of the forehead through the hair.
  3. Create points of attention in other areas of the face.

1. How To Correct The Forehead With Makeup

To make up your face properly , you should know that in makeup, light tones give volume and dark ones give depth. For this reason, light tones should be used in areas that you want to highlight and dark tones for very prominent areas that you want to hide.

It is important to make corrections to the face based on its characteristics and typology. Professional Makeup Keep in mind that you can always choose makeup funds with high or low coverage, in cream, fluid or compact powder and correctors or terra cotta depending on the finish you want and the type of skin you have .

When making up the forehead it is important to consider two aspects: the frontal plane and the profile.

When looking at the forehead from a frontal plane, consider the size of the forehead. It can be: wide or narrow.

Wide Forehead: For the wide or wide forehead, a makeup tone should be applied in the area darker than the rest of the face, this makes it look narrower, if it is too high you can also apply dark makeup in the area of hairline and blend very well.

Narrow forehead: If you have a small forehead, you can apply a shade lighter than the one you normally use on the rest of the face, or two light circles on both sides of the forehead.

Typology Of Fronts

Corrections in areas such as the forehead must be carried out according to the characteristics of each type.

Balanced Front

In cases where the forehead is balanced with respect to the other components of the face, there is no need for any type of correction.

Wide Forehead

A narrow forehead can be corrected through proper use of hair, in this case, creating voluminous bangs .

It is also possible to make corrections with visagism techniques, applying a concealer darker than the foundation on the forehead or in the center.

Narrow Forehead

To correct a narrow forehead with your hair, you have to remove a fringe that begins, approximately, three or four centimeters from the origin of the scalp. This way the forehead will appear wider.

As for the corrections with visagism techniques , you can apply a shade lighter than the foundation on the entire surface of the forehead, or two light circles on both sides of the forehead.

Straight Forehead

Generally, the cases that present a straight forehead do not require any correction, since it is understood that it is a harmonized forehead with the rest of the face as a whole.

Bulging Forehead

To correct a curved forehead with hair, it is important to bet on bangs.

In this case, corrections using visagism and makeup techniques will also help. Professional Makeup To do this, you have to apply a concealer darker than the foundation on the entire forehead .

Front Huidizes Or Retracts

In cases where the forehead is elusive, the hair corrections are made, as in the previous typology, by using bangs.

With regard to corrections through visagism techniques, a concealer lighter than the foundation should be applied to the entire forehead.

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