Eye Bags And Dark Circles

Act On Eye Bags And Dark Circles

The appearance of bags and dark circles is usually a symptom of fatigue so resting well to allow good circulation is the first rule to avoid them.

The appearance of bags and dark circles depends a lot on the genetics you have, but also fluid retention and lack of sleep can aggravate this problem that affects both aesthetically. How can we avoid them?

The Bags

Bags under the eyes are caused by fluid retention. This retention takes place at night when the muscles stop working and the lymphatic system does not evacuate, and they tend to disappear throughout the day with the drainage that causes blinking, as long as a kind of cellulite has not already formed underneath. of the bag that retains water for longer.

When Do The Bags Appear?

The bags get worse with age. As we age, fabrics lose firmness and bags appear and last longer. Even so, toxins, be it alcohol, tobacco, or an excess of salt at dinner, also favor its appearance.

Specific Cosmetics

There are several useful and effective cosmetics to mitigate bags. Each person must choose the most suitable cosmetic for their case based on their needs, taking into account the following indications.

In general, gels or gel sticks are recommended to mitigate bags as they have a nice texture. Even so, they are products that, in the case of dry skin, can cause a feeling of tightness, so they must be supplemented with anti-wrinkle and contour repairing creams. Some brands also offer patches to treat the eye area. It is a good option that provides the epidermis of the area with active substances to also mitigate problems such as dark circles or wrinkles. The only problem with patches is that they are somewhat expensive so it is best to reserve them for special occasions where a flash effect is required.

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A few years ago, some allies of very effective cosmetics that are taken orally appeared: nutricosmetics. They are food supplements that provide substances, very often of plant origin, that exerts effects on the skin and hair from within the body. There is already a specific nutricosmetic to improve the fatigued appearance of the skin in general and the eye contour in particular. It contains an amino acid precursor of the sleep hormone, which helps to rest well, together with an extract of grape seeds and vitamin C, which has toning effects on the microcirculation of the area and helps to gradually disappear the bags and the dull tone general.

Dark Circles

Dark circles are the purple or brown coloration that appears under the eye and tends to be darker in the inner corner of the eye. They are generally due to a lack of circulation and we can observe them because the skin around the eyes is very thin and transparent.

When Do Dark Circles Appear?

The appearance of dark circles does not understand ages. Generally, they are due to different circumstances, especially problems in circulation or heredity. In this sense, it is not uncommon to see children with dark circles when they are a family characteristic.

How To Avoid Them?

Most dark circles are a symptom of tiredness so resting well to allow good circulation is the first rule to avoid them. The second is to apply a specific product, in the form of a gel or very fluid emulsion, which contains astringent and strengthening substances for the blood capillaries in the area, which will contract them and make them less visible. These products should be applied day and night. In case wrinkles begin to appear, it is recommended to also apply an anti-wrinkle cream during the day.

What You Should Know

  • To mitigate puffiness, gels are useful, although in dry skin they can cause a feeling of tightness and patches that also repair dark circles and wrinkles.
  • To avoid dark circles, it is useful to rest well and apply a specific product that contains astringent and strengthening substances for the blood capillaries in the area.
  • Nutricosmetics are allies of cosmetics that are taken orally and provide substances of plant origin that exert positive effects on the skin and hair.

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