Breastfeeding Pillow

How To Choose The Right Size Of Breastfeeding Pillow

Maxi size 205 cm:

Maxi is widely used for sleeping on your side during pregnancy and breastfeeding. This size is also suitable for breastfeeding twins.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow, size Maxi 205cm with removable cover . The Maxi breast feeding pillow is also suitable for breastfeeding twins (feeding pillow for twins ), you can also use the pillow for rest and relaxation, it also serves as an “artificial uterus” to calm your baby. Standard size 170 cm: We recommend this size for breastfeeding only. The Standard size is for smaller women up to a height of about 160 cm.

Breastfeeding pillow Standard with removable cover, facilitates breastfeeding at all times. It has the shape of a horseshoe with an extended middle part. This makes it comfortable and safe. The Standard size is 170 cm long and 35 cm wide. The Standard breast feeding pillow is only used for breastfeeding and we recommend it to smaller women who measure a maximum of 160 cm.

The pillow has the shape of a horseshoe with an extended middle part, so it is very comfortable and safe.


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