How many inches can a woman feel

How Many Inches Can A Woman Feel

How many inches can a woman feel,in relationships,sex represents a fundamental requirement to keep desire and passion alive.If sexual relations are not pleasant,it is difficult for there to be satisfaction and harmony between both people

In many occasions,the size of the penis is one of the main causes that lead women to not want to establish any sexual relationship with their partner,due to their small or excessive size.

A recent study conducted by academic researchers led by sexual psycho-physiologist Dr.Nicole Prause has determined how many inches can a woman feel,when they want to have a long-term relationship with sexual activity.

Researchers from the University of California Los Angeles and the University of New Mexico dismissed false beliefs about how women view male genitalia.

Basically, the bigger is not always the better,even sometimes an oversize is considered as something negative.

About 100 plastic phalluses were 3D printed in the study and about 75 women participated.They were asked to choose the 3D printed “penis” of their choice for a long-term relationship,and to choose another for a single night of passion.The results showed that on average a 16cm long penis with a 12.19cm girth is the perfect candidate for a couple in a stable relationship.While for a single night of passion, the average ideal chosen was about 16.25cm and about 12.7cm in circumference.

The results indicate not only that the ideal penis size is not disproportionate,but also the context of the sexual relationship is equally important when it comes to size requirements.

In other words,women may prefer different sizes for different reasons, at different times.So the odds are pretty good for men,each one may be ideal for some woman depending on the type of relationship she is looking for at the time.

Additionally, some 15 women admitted during the study that they had ended relationships because their partner had a smaller penis than desired,and another 5 women confessed that they also ended some relationships because the partner had a penis that was too long.

“There is a cost for a long phallus. All sexual intercourse causes vaginal tearing and bacteria are pushed into the vagina.A longer phallus probably causes more tearing and can push more bacteria into the vagina – which is not a good long-term option.”Says Dr.Prause.

In conclusion,the study dismisses the old belief that it takes a ridiculously long penis to satisfy a woman very much.Study participants preferred “penises”that were only slightly larger than average, approximately 14 to 15.2cm in length,with a confidence interval ranging from 10.7 to 19.1cm, while the average circumference was around 12.6cm,with a standard deviation of 1.29cm.

However,for those who do not fall within this range,all is not lost, there are techniques and ways to make the couple feel satisfied and comfortable.

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