Clothes make the man

Clothes (Don’t) Make A Person

Since time immemorial, society has divided people based on how they look and how wealthy they are. Sometime during that time, the well-known saying “Clothes make the man” was probably created. Sadly, some of us still follow it today.

It doesn’t matter whether you visit an ordinary shop, a restaurant or come to the doctor. As soon as you are a bit better dressed, they treat you differently. In general, I don’t like being judged. Mostly they tend to judge those who have their own complexes, or their life is so boring that they have nothing else to do but tear down everyone around them. Even before we start thinking about what kind of person is standing in front of us, based only on the external appearance, let’s try to think about what he is currently experiencing. What he really is.

Clothes do not make the man. Character, on the contrary, yes. Everything outside seems to change. But what a person is inside is built over years. All the events we had to live through. All the problems we needed to solve. All the happy moments we had. All the people who influenced us. All the relationships we skipped. All the information we have collected in our lifetime. All the knowledge we have acquired. All the falls from which we collected. And all the successes that we sometimes may not have stopped. All the thoughts that shaped us. All the unfulfilled dreams that took away our hope and, conversely, all the achieved goals that brought it back to us. All this makes a person. All this made us who we are .

And it doesn’t matter if you are wearing pants for €20 or €100. It doesn’t matter if you have the most fashionable pieces every season. It doesn’t matter if the shoes are from a sale or from the latest collection. Because none of that will make you a better person. None of this gives you the right to look down on others. I still maintain that respect and tolerance is the basis of a peaceful life. So let’s learn to judge less and understand each other more.

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