Breakup As An Opportunity To Start From Scratch

Breakup As An Opportunity To Start From Scratch

I didn’t mind that he didn’t always support me in my dreams, nor that he was too realistic and always said what he thought. I didn’t mind.

A breakup is not a pleasant thing. There are few who can overcome anger, disappointment and sadness and channel these emotions into something that is creative and productive. You are what you lose. And it’s true. You can overcome the past, but you can never erase it. No matter how much we try to suppress the memories, they will come and at a moment when we absolutely do not expect it, they will hit us over the head.

Breaking up doesn’t mean the end of the world, it’s a possibility. Start from zero. Even if you know that you and your ex-partner are made for each other.

We choose people very strangely in life. Sometimes we sit alone in a pink inflatable chair thinking about the person we love. That person is aware that we would jump into a pit full of snakes that we hate for him. But is she still with someone she might prefer? Stupidity. No, she just feels a different love for him than for us. He doesn’t understand that in our case, you can’t stop loving each other from day to day. He is trying to force it into our heads that someone much better than him will come. One second he treats us like we are the best thing that has ever happened to him in his life and the next he is bragging about his new love. We were supposed to be a Ferrari and now he has a Trabanta. He doesn’t want to lose us, but at the same time, he often doesn’t pay attention to us. Thanks to him, we wake up every morning with a certain fog in our hearts. We hope that maybe one day…

Sometimes we can’t catch our breath. We wish him the best in life. But sometimes we find ourselves thinking about a thought that clearly indicates who was the best in his life. We feel happy with him. He is with us too. If we wanted to, we could round up every other boy on the street. And anyway. Instead of having fun somewhere, getting drunk and packing other potential fathers of our children, we just sit in a pink chair, with a book on our knees, a head full of painful thoughts and a heart in the city where we fell in love so madly and at the same time a long time ago.

We don’t know why it can’t move on. Every time someone nice comes, it’s nice, but what next? Nothing. It’s hard to start loving someone else. And we are tired of how life revolves around it, but sometimes we don’t choose. Weird. Laughter? Crying? Which emotion is correct?

We realize our value. We have the opportunity to achieve absolutely everything that we set our minds to in terms of career as well as women. And yet we cannot change that tiny little thing that makes us such vulnerable creatures. Everything is OK. Now we are exactly where we should be. This mantra calms us down. So let’s believe her together. Because if we don’t start, I’m afraid that we’ll soon end up in a very, very, very bad place.

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