Dress For Yourself

Dress For Yourself And Not For Others

Dress For Yourself, Although clothing is something that concerns everyone, I have always tried to use it as a way of self-expression. I put links to things I like in my outfits. It could be movies, books, music or art. One summer I even convinced my mom to make me a jacket similar to the one Chris Martin wore to concerts. The same with rows of buttons and with each sleeve different. So what if most people didn’t understand, so what if only I understood it myself? I felt the most confident in the world.

While searching for my personal style and the right “casual” look, I realized one thing: The most important thing is to dress for yourself, not to impress others. I don’t choose clothes because certain things are simply worn and I’m trying to fit in, or I’m afraid of what my friend, colleague, friend, enemy will say about my appearance. I wear it for the feeling and mood it evokes in me. Because I know what I experienced in individual pieces, what place I was in them, who gave them to me or where I bought them. Only I experience this feeling, only I know about it, and to be honest, it suits me, it is like a shield from all looks and comments, whether they are from a friend, a friend, a colleague, a friend or an enemy.

It’s exhausting to think about what other people might say and their ideas of how you should look. Don’t worry about what people think, you don’t have to please everyone around you. Don’t get confused by ideas of what’s “cool” or what’s appropriate for your body type. When I let go of worrying about other people’s opinions, there was a liberating feeling, hand in hand with accepting my own body. I just started to like myself the way I am. Later on, you’ll find that people respect those who wear what they want because they wish they could be so bold in their dressing.

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