What Color Not To Wear On A First Date

What Color Not To Wear On A First Date?

First Date, When meeting new people, the first impression we make is probably the most important. We only have one shot at it, and often people form an idea about us even before they have a chance to talk to us – based on appearance, posture and other non-verbal signals. This is probably doubly true if it is a first date. Many elements affect how it will turn out and you can never determine it in advance, but there are things, such as choosing the right clothes, that you can influence and prepare thoroughly. Men admit that they are very visual and perceive a woman’s appearance as a whole.

A certain clothing company recently conducted a survey regarding clothes for a first date. You probably wouldn’t say it, but most of the respondents remembered the color of the dress their partner was wearing. The survey was also interested in the color that is least suitable for a first date. The answer may surprise you, it is yellow. Although it is a bright and sunny color that evokes a feeling of happiness, it is far from romantic. It is distinctive and unmistakable, which is why it is often used in advertisements for children and on public transport. I’m sure you don’t want to be associated with either. Right after yellow is brown. I admit that I like brown leather accessories, winter coats and shoes. However, the outfit, which dominates, radiates a kind of homeliness and lack of adventure. And those are no longer desirable qualities for a first dating.

You already know what not to wear. But in which color will you be sure to charm? The survey sought answers to this question as well, and red and black won.  The lady in red, this connection is clearly associated with romance and the fatal femme fatale. But be careful that this color is not too provocative and erotic in your presentation, otherwise you will give the impression that you are only looking for a one-night stand. Black is associated with self-confidence, intelligence and elegance. Whatever color you choose, don’t forget that you should feel good in your clothes, so don’t wear anything that will pull your stomach in later, your strap will fall off or your bra will pull up. Rely on the cuts and style that suits you, the first date is not a good opportunity to try new things. The same applies to makeup and hair.

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