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What You Shouldn’t Do With Your Purse

I love beautiful designer handbag pieces or purse. If I spot a bag I like, I’m over the moon and have to have it right away.

When it comes to the contents of my handbags, I’m a complete ″pro″. I have a knack for stuffing a million things into a small purse, such as half of my home cosmetic kit with a quantity of lipsticks that even a first-class make-up artist wouldn’t be ashamed of. After all, what if I’m selected for a telecast today and I won’t be able to ″beautify″ because I don’t pack my favorite lipstick or spiral? Of course, natural beauty is great, but how can we lie to ourselves when nature didn’t give us great eyebrows or perfect cheekbones like me? But let’s go back to the contents of my purse, I also tend to carry a bottle of water in it (drinking regimen is important after all), a book (to shorten a long moment), a diary, a huge wallet, possibly some shopping (to fill even the last free space), until I get to the point where my whole back and neck ache from that amazing purse of mine.

So you already know what you shouldn’t do with your purse? It’s also true that you shouldn’t put a million things in there so that your favorite piece doesn’t get ruined, but first of all, you shouldn’t wear it if it’s too heavy . And if you’re wondering what the ideal weight of a handbag should be, according to chiropractor Dr. According to Evelyn Haworth and her husband Kelly Haworth of Tru-Align, a purse should weigh no more than a tenth of your total weight. So if you weigh 60 kg, the handbag should not weigh more than 6 kg. Ideally, the less the better, so that the pressure on the shoulders is as small as possible. For better posture and balance of the load, you should also alternate it on both sides of the body.

So, baby, think about your health and consider whether you will really need everything you put into your “love” that day. I’m already reviewing all the pros and cons of what I’m going to put in it today, because who would want a sore back and an unsightly curvature of the spine? Well, I don’t. Free your spine from unnecessary excessive load and you will immediately walk better and much easier.

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