Blue Light And Your Sleep

Blue Light And Your Sleep

Blue light? When you hear this word, you probably think of the lighting system on the roof of the fire brigade, police and ambulance. There is one other blue light, though, and it’s where you can’t see it as well as on the emergency vehicles. If you’re reading this article on a laptop or a smartphone, you’re already encountering the “other” blue light without even being able to see it. This is the light from screens, more specifically the blue wavelengths of screen light. 

In the evening, the blue screen light ensures that the formation of the sleep hormone melatonin is inhibited. Melatonin in your body ensures that you can fall asleep quickly and easily. The blue wavelengths of display light make you even more alert as your eyes are very sensitive to these blue wavelengths. Sleeping less and less well over a long period of time can have a negative impact on your health. Good and sufficient sleep helps you to feel good, counteract illnesses and gives you concentration. If you are often tired, you are less able to concentrate on studying and your hobbies. For this reason, experts advise not to use your cell phone, tablet or smartphone for a while in the evening before bed

However, you can counteract the waking influence of blue light, even if you still like to use your cell phone in the evening. You may have heard of so-called bluelight glasses. These are particularly suitable for people who regularly have to stare at screens for a long time or who still use their cell phone, tablet or laptop in the evening. Such blue light glasses can be made by an optician both with and without prescription. So it’s not a problem if you already wear glasses anyway.

Another possibility is that you use a practical function of your mobile device. In the settings of many devices, an optional reading or “Night Shift” mode can be activated, which uses warmer display colors and reduces bluelight. You can find the option in the display settings of your device.

Our tips for you

If you want to counteract the influence of bluelight, you should…

  • Stop using your smartphone for a while before bed
  • Turn on the blue light filter function on your smartphone/laptop
  • Get glasses with a blue light filter

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