What Does Your Happiness Depend On

What Does Your Happiness Depend On?

Your happiness depends on you. Not from your family, not from your friends, not from your significant other. Life is a long run. But it is entirely  YOUR run. Sometimes it’s thorny, sometimes the sun shines. You often complicate it with unimportant things.

You’re going back to your past

How many problems would cease to exist if some people stopped living in their past. The past is like a well-read book.

You know how it started, you know the plot and you know how it  ENDED. The most important thing. Ended. You usually finish the book and don’t need to go through the 350 pages all over again. Nothing will change in her. The main character does not change his behavior. The past will not bring you anything new. You are just needlessly worrying and destroying yourself with the belief that the story will be different this time.

You hang out with toxic people

It sounds ridiculous. How can someone be toxic to you? Is it soaked in mouse poison? It is a very simple principle. If you want to live positively, meet like-minded people. Let the people who have nothing else to do but deal with the lives of others go their way. Who are constantly solving their trivial problems. Such people do not have their own life. They have no plans for the future or any bigger ambitions. You will see how your mood will change when you delete them from your friend list. You will be much better off.

You’re trying to keep something alive that isn’t working

Friendships. Relationships. Whatever. Doesn’t that make you happy? Go away. Let it go. You only have 1 life. 1 story. There won’t be any more of them. There will be no replay. Relationships are supposed to make you happy. They should be full of laughter, enthusiasm for life, spontaneous trips, crazy ideas… Not suffering, pain, sadness and tears. And you, you should respect yourself so much that you won’t let anyone do something like that to you. Not a single person is worth worrying about. 

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