Happiness Hidden In little Things

Happiness Hidden In little Things

Life brings us various situations. At one moment, when we feel that nothing can make us laugh, a little things suddenly comes up, which at first we take as a completely ordinary thing. We would never have thought that this kind of stupidity could give us joy that we haven’t felt in a long time.

Yes, we all have a period when we feel completely at the bottom, but this period can very quickly be replaced by a period when we start to feel so terribly beautiful. Perhaps it is the look in the eyes of our loved one that makes us feel that they are there for us day and night.

This is one of the things that can make me incredibly happy. To see the smile and happiness in the eyes of your loved ones. This little thing, which is often taken for granted, can help me even in the most difficult moments. Everyone in life finds themselves on the edge of something that drags them down. In my case, for example, it is fear. Fear of saying no to someone. Fear of doing something that someone will not like. Fear that because of one, I won’t be alone one day.

And so I tried to find my happiness in the little things. Not long ago, not being able to say just this one three-letter word to someone almost caused me to lose my health. Having too many activities and rushing into everything sometimes takes its toll, and it was the same for me.

I said enough. The limit of my strength had really been exceeded. People around me started abusing what I was willing to do for them, and when I found myself beyond the limit of my strength, I realized that those who had said the most that they would be there for me suddenly weren’t there.

And in that I realized that those who were quiet, without promising blue from the sky, are still here. I began to realize that little things, such as sunny weather or a favorite song, can help a person without words and even in the most unexpected situations. The gem that I discovered, however, was my mother’s smile, which I have looked at all my life, but this time it helped me more than anything else.

I realized how beautiful it is to feel so much positive energy and sincere joy from her smiles. The embrace of my father, in which they really can’t hurt me. And last but not least, the look in my friend’s eyes. They are three people and three little things of everyday life that none of us think about.

Sometimes slowing down the world around you is the best thing you can do for yourself. And it’s even better when he looks for his everyday joys in simple little things. Negative things surround each of us today, but it’s up to us whether we let them drag us down or realize that everything is not always as bad as it seems at first impression…

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