Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt - Myths And Truths

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt? – Myths And Truths

It is likely that if you have considered trying laser hair removal you have asked yourself this question: Does laser hair removal hurt? And this question is one of the most answered when a patient comes for this type of treatment for the first time. This occurs because pain is one of the feelings that are directly related to hair removal . We have always been used to experiencing agonizing moments every time we need to pull out our hair by the roots. Therefore, it is logical to think that laser hair removal is governed by the same pattern.

How much does laser hair removal hurt?

Although many centers proclaim from the rooftops that laser hair removal is completely painless, this is not entirely true. Generally, most patients feel a slight tingling on the skin, a small sting or slight pinching. However, the intensity of these sensations depends on each person’s pain threshold and tolerance . For this reason, there are people who do not feel any discomfort anywhere in the body, while others perceive a slight discomfort. However, in any case, it is totally bearable and does not interfere with the session.

What areas are most painful?

The intensity of the pain also depends on the area of ​​the body where the laser is performed. Those that cause the most discomfort in patients are the groin, armpits and genitals . The main reason is the presence of a greater number of nerve endings. Luckily, compared to other parts of the body, these areas cover a small surface area, so the discomfort only lasts a few minutes.

Does it hurt the same in women and men?

Feeling pain during laser hair removal is not influenced by the patient’s sex. As we have mentioned, it lies in each person’s tolerance. Additionally, it can also be affected by skin type. That is, skin with a large abundance of darkly pigmented hair is more likely to feel discomfort because the amount of melanin attracted to the laser is greater. Despite this, there is a positive side. And the treatment is much more effective, so the number of sessions necessary for the hair to disappear completely is less than for a person with lighter hair.

Wax, electric clippers or laser – Which hurts more?

Laser hair removal hurts much less than traditional hair removal methods. Likewise, the discomfort that can be felt with the laser decreases as the sessions progress since the hair that grows back is increasingly fragile and fine.

How to minimize pain in laser hair removal

To minimize any signs of discomfort or pain during laser hair removal, there are a series of alternatives:

  • Deep hydration : make sure your skin is hydrated before having the session. To do this, you can apply creams with aloe vera and regenerating active ingredients.
  • Play with the speed and number of shots: each person tolerates a different rate of shots. Therefore, it is essential that the technician adapts to the needs of each person to minimize the discomfort caused by the laser.
  • Menstruation : avoid shaving your groin and genitals if you are having your period. During this phase of the month, it is common for women to have greater sensitivity in that area and therefore feel more pain.
  • Approach the session calmly and calmly: it is no secret the power that the mind has over our body. Therefore, it is advisable to try to stay calm so that the pain threshold lowers.

False myths about laser hair removal

  • Laser hair removal is dangerous : it is essential to be clear that laser technology only acts on hair follicles. Therefore, it does not cause any damage to the skin or other structures of our body. However, to ensure the patient’s well-being, it is essential that the treatment be carried out by professionals who have the necessary equipment and training.
  • Blond people cannot undergo laser: having fine or light hair is not an impediment to laser hair removal. A prior assessment will be necessary to determine the number of sessions necessary and the effectiveness of the results.
  • There are parts of the body that cannot be removed with a laser: it is absolutely possible to perform laser hair removal on the entire body: legs, armpits, arms, back, abdomen…

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