Preventive Measures In The Event Of An Impending Obesity

When looking to lose weight, the question often arises whether it works better with food or exercise? And is it even possible to prevent obesity through diet and exercise? Yes, you can. And first of all: Both are important!

Weight reduction is achieved when you take in fewer calories than you use. We take in calories through food and drink. We can try to use more energy with additional exercise. Anyone who suddenly moves less, e.g. because they suddenly work in the home office and no longer commute to work, often notices weight gain. You have used less energy than before and this “saved” energy goes to your hips.

However, additional calories ingested have a far greater effect on weight.

Stay Away From A Diet

But very important: don’t go on a diet! If you severely restrict the calories for a certain period of time, your body learns to get along with those few calories. If you then eat normally again after this diet, you will have the energy you have eaten suddenly again and it will be stored as fat. You weigh more after the diet than before. This is what is known as the yo-yo effect.

But what can you do? Weight loss only works with a permanently changed diet. This should be easy to integrate into your everyday life and also tasty. Whether you rely on carbohydrates or fats, practice intermittent fasting or leave out carbohydrates in the evening is up to you. Each method has its justification and you have to test what suits you and what works.

Integrate Exercise And Sport

Unfortunately, not only fat but also muscle mass is lost during weight loss. But this is not wanted, because muscles shape the body, have a positive effect on your health, and consume energy, even when they are not moving. Therefore, weight loss by changing your diet should always be accompanied by an exercise program. Only muscles that are used are preserved.

Almonds Against Cravings

It turned out that the subjects automatically ate less other carbohydrate and energy-rich foods. They didn’t gain weight and felt fuller. We recommend eating a small handful of almonds, hazelnuts, or walnuts per day. So you are well supplied with nutrients and feel fuller.

Beware, however, of foods that appear healthy but are not healthy. This includes ready-made fruit yogurt. It usually contains hardly any fruit, but all the more sugar and aromas. Better to buy a white natural yogurt and add fruit yourself. Our recommendation for fruit is a handful twice a day. Soft fruit is particularly recommended here.

To change your diet and break old habits, you should make all changes slowly and gradually. The body always asks for what it was used to before. Small changes are accepted more easily and encounter less resistance. If you have put your diet on a healthy, balanced basis, exceptions can also be made. This is very natural and shouldn’t be followed by a guilty conscience. If daily exercise is also added, the course for an easier future has already been set.

Get started today!

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