Nausea Problems

Nausea Problems: What Causes And How To Remedy Them?

All of us will have experienced an unpleasant feeling of nausea , often sudden, perhaps in the morning. This condition is recognized by fatigue and general malaise , localized at the pit of the stomach , followed by the desire to vomit . Let’s find out the causes of nausea and how to calm this unpleasant ailment.

Why can nausea appear and how does it manifest itself?

As we have mentioned, nausea is a disorder characterized by a feeling of  malaise and exhaustion , associated with an urgent desire to vomit. This condition may indicate a general disturbance of the gastric balance .

Nausea in itself should not scare us, it is not a pathology, but a reaction of our organism. The predisposing factors and conditions are very different from each other, let’s see some of them

Presence of particular stimuli (olfactory, visual, gustatory).

  • Hormonal factors (nausea during pregnancy is a typical condition, especially during the first trimester).
  • Sea sickness, motion sickness, air sickness are triggering conditions.
  • Taking certain medications (e.g. chemotherapy drugs).

Disorders related to some organs (gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, kidney diseases, lesions affecting the inner ear).

  • Other pathologies (diabetes, ulcer, labyrinthitis, migraine).
  • Flu states (viral gastroenteritis).
  • Psychological problems, intense emotional states, anxiety, tension, stress.
  • Indigestion, food poisoning.
  • Sports activity and very intense physical efforts.

Often, the feeling of nausea occurs in the morning , accompanied by exhaustion and dizziness. Here are some causes:

  • Bad eating habits
  • Poorly balanced behavioral habits (hangover is a typical situation);
  • Premenstrual syndrome;
  • Specific gastrointestinal disorders;
  • Low pressure;
  • Migraine;
  • Cervical arthrosis;
  • Iron deficiency;
  • Fatigue due to stress.

What are the sensations and discomfort with which nausea occurs? Pallor, dizziness and sweating are significant. In addition, the following may appear:

  • Feeling disgusted with food or some smells
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Abundant salivation;
  • He retched.

Let’s not worry, but let’s see now how to reduce this unpleasant feeling of nausea.

How can we counteract nausea? Some remedies

In general, the  remedies to relieve the feeling of nausea  depend on the origin of the symptom:

For example, if nausea occurs with foods and smells that are too pungent, moving them away could help minimize the disturbance.

On the other hand, in the event that nausea is a reaction to a drug treatment, it is advisable to ask your doctor for advice to decide what to do.

If the cause of the nausea is motion sickness, we can try changing positions, chewing some gum, using an anti-nausea bracelet.

However, despite the different causes of nausea, we can identify some transversal practices, useful for reducing the discomfort . Let’s find out which ones.

Correct Eating Behaviors

It may be useful to review your eating habits, especially with a view to following a balanced diet. For example:

  • We eat regular meals and have two snacks ;
  • We avoid the frequent consumption of heavy foods , difficult to digest;
  • We eat at least three hours before going to sleep , to promote proper digestion;
  • We do not abuse alcohol and we do not drink on an empty stomach ;
  • We reduce or eliminate smoking ;
  • Vitamin B6 may be indicated as it helps relieve the feeling of nausea.

Quick Remedies, To Be Applied As Required

Some remedies can ease the feeling of nausea that can come on suddenly:

Self-massage or acupressure. We place three fingers of the opposite hand under the crease of the wrist. At this point, we press lightly with the thumb and practice circular massages. This can help relieve nausea.

Let’s chew dry food . If nausea hits us in the morning, we can chew some dry food to dry out the gastric juices. Rusks, crackers, plain cookies, or well-toasted bread will do just fine.

Warm or hot drink . If we feel nauseous and realize we have not digested well, we can sip a chamomile, tea or herbal tea to relieve our discomfort and promote digestion.

Help from aromatherapy . Nausea can be traced back to stressful and tense situations. In these cases, essential oils (such as lavender or peppermint) can be useful rather than food remedies, to be massaged on the wrists and temples, for a slight relaxing effect.

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