Elegant Makeup For Different Occasions

Elegant Makeup: When it comes to makeup, there are several factors that go into choosing the right one; the occasion, the type of skin , the clothes with which it is going to be combined and the style of each person . Even so, there is a common factor and it is wanting to look beautiful and elegant . And for this, there is nothing better than knowing how to choose elegant makeup for every occasion.

Depending on each occasion, you can experiment with giving prominence to different areas of the face, such as wearing eyeshadows with a lot of shine and striking colors, lips with intense tones that attract all the attention, or opting for a makeup where what stands out is naturalness. .

Here we will show you some makeup ideas for different occasions that will make your looks perfect for that special moment.

4 Types Of Elegant Makeup

Elegant Makeup For A Party

For a party night look, many times you want to show the most sensual and glamorous side with more elaborate looks, smoky eyes, intense shadows , colors with sparkles and sparkles, and illuminated skin .

Enhancing your look with a metallic shadow is a good option, you can experiment with pigments in gold, bronze or silver tones to achieve an intense finish or smokey eyes in dark tones .

Highlight cheekbones with a bit of blush or mineral terra cotta for a tanned look and for a more elegant and striking look, apply highlighter to areas such as the upper cheekbones, the nose line, and just below the eyebrows.

Elegant, Natural And Simple Makeup For The Day

Not every day you have the desire or the time to do a very dedicated makeup, in the day to day it is important to look good but without losing your naturalness, it is in these moments when the best allies for an elegant and simple makeup are a moisturizer for the face, a pro-touch concealer to subtly cover unforeseen imperfections and illuminate the skin, a lip gloss that gives a glossy finish and hydrates the lips such as the Glacé top coat from Ten Image and an eyebrow pencil to fill in , shape and get the most out of your look.

Elegant Makeup For A Dinner

When you have an important dinner, be it a business, a romantic date or simply a meeting with your friends, it is often common to wonder which look is the most appropriate .

The most important thing is to wear an elegant makeup that stands out , but without becoming overloaded, a casual but sophisticated look is ideal for these occasions.

Choose to make your look stand out since it is a night event, wearing smoky reds with a palette of shadows in gray or black tones but very blurred or also in brown colors with a final touch of eyeliner can be an option. The satin eyeliner pencil will give you the finish you are looking for. Use a mascara to add volume and length like the Obsession mascara and why not? … Red or brightly colored lips.

Elegant Makeup For A Day Wedding

After having the dress, hairstyle and gift for the bride and groom, it is time to think about the makeup for the event .

Daytime weddings are characterized by freshness, naturalness and elegance, therefore, to have a correct makeup, opt for light or neutral tones , they will be the best allies for a natural look and also you will not have to worry too much about the color of your dress since it will combine with anyone.

For the eyeshadows this season, soft tones such as gold, brown or pink stand out. For the lips you can opt for a light pink, nude tone and add shine by combining it with a gloss.

Give your skin a natural glow with luminous foundation and terra cotta for healthy-looking, tanned skin.

Now that you know how to put on makeup and dazzle at any of your events, what are you waiting for to look spectacular?

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